Be your own model and get the best results you can, because when you look good then people want to be just like you!

Who's this for?

The Selfie Category is perfect for Professionals who want to understand how The Skin Games works without competing for our amazing cash prizes.

You can enter this absolutely free category and show us what makes you special while still being able to network with other amazing professionals in the industry.

We encourage you to enter this category and make use of all the benefits that come with being a TSG player.

How to Participate

  • Register for the Selfie category.
  • Complete a 4-week case study on yourself and submit all 6 videos as required.
  • Submit your before (week 1 before treatment starts) and after (week 4 after the your last treatment) photos (front, left and right views) . The photos must be in similar lighting as much as possible without being altered or edited and must have timestamps on them.

Video Submission

  • Video 1 – must introduce yourself and talk about sanitation in your practice.

  • Video 2 – must talk about your protocol and why you chose that protocol for your skin type.

  • Video 3 – Demonstration of your protocol

  • Video 4 – Talk about the specific ingredients that you have chosen for your case study and why they are the right choice for your specific skin type and concern.

  • Video 5 – Demonstration of your protocol

  • Video 6 – must give a summary of your case study, and discussion of how you got your results.

***All videos must be less than two minutes in length and uploaded to the Video Upload page on The Skin Games website.

You can also use other transfer modes for your media like DropBox, WeTransfer, Google Share ect.