Ve Neill: The Oscar winning Makeup Artist and Legend Who Revolutionized the Industry

Ve Neill: The Oscar winning Makeup Artist

If makeup is your thing, especially if you’re hoping to become a professional makeup artist, it’s super important to understand your craft and to study the greats, those legends, like Ve Neill, who have revolutionized the industry. While everyone doesn’t have the desire to be a Hollywood makeup artist, it pays to understand who makes […]

Vitamin C Serum: The Benefits you Should Know About

Vitamin C Serum

Brighten, tighten and heighten your skin’s beauty to new levels with the tried-and-true: Vitamin C serum. Vitamin C is an amazing antioxidant that works hard for your skin by blocking damage caused by free radicals, so it minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. It also reduces inflammation, hyperpigmentation and promotes collagen production, helping to reveal a […]

The Story Behind The Skin Games: An Interview with the Founder

The Skin Games is the first-ever competition of its kind, yet during the short time since it began, it has transformed the lives of many an esthetician—whether here in the States or abroad. Maybe you’ve already been a Player, perhaps you’re considering being one and even still, you might not have ever heard of The […]

Emcee for The Skin Games 2019 Make Up Challenge Announced

Emcee for The Skin Games 2019 Make Up Challenge

The emcee for The Skin Games Make Up Challenge and The Skin Games Awards Ceremony happening in Las Vegas in June 2019 has been announced. Barry Eichner, Co-Founder, and Blogger at Lipgloss + Aftershave will serve as the emcee for 2 qualifying heats of The Skin Games Makeup Challenges throughout the country at the Face & […]

Barry Eichner to Host Unique Professional Makeup Challenge

Barry Eichner to Host Unique Professional Makeup Challenge

This is a guest post by Jenni Nagle of Lipgloss+Aftershave Philadelphia, PA August 2, 2017. The 2018 Professional Makeup Challenge, hosted by The Skin Games and Skin Inc. Face & Body has asked Barry Eichner to host the competition held in San Jose, California on August 27 and 28, 2017. “I am honored to take part […]

The Skin Games around the World

THE SKIN GAMES 2016-17 (April 8, 2017, San Ramon, California, USA) – Skincare professionals from around the world gathered at the San Ramon Marriott for the final round of THE SKIN GAMES second annual esthetics competition. The two day event included a professional skincare tradeshow, expert ingredient panel forum, and ended with an elegant awards […]

The Skin Games 2016 Live Show

The Skin Games 2016 Live Show

In an industry that dates back to the Greek and Roman Empires, it’s hard to reinvent the wheel when it comes to getting professionals together to collaborate and learn. Skincare trade shows and educational events have become the norm and no longer spice up the treatment rooms. THE SKIN GAMES shook that concept to the […]

Voting: A Social Media Focus

Woman votes on election day.

Our countdown to the VOTING process has begun!! On January 1, 2016, we will begin public voting for the People’s Choice category! Our players are REAL ESTHETICIANS! They have businesses and skills and clients, and our focus in this competition was to raise them out of their treatment rooms, grow their confidence in social media […]

The Live Show 2016

So you’ve been hearing about THE LIVE SHOW! You’ve probably seen a couple of my posts in The Skin Games Esthetician Forum on Facebook, too. Do you have your ticket to The Live Show yet? If you are still asking yourself, “What is The Live Show” or “Why do I need a ticket?”… Keep reading! Our […]

The Skin Games FAQs

When we launched the search and open call for Estheticians to enter The Skin Games nationwide in January 2015, we were inundated with questions, comments, and requests for advice. Many of you have had similar requests, so we thought an updated FAQs post would be valuable.  Not to mention, there is a lot of BUZZ about […]