Keynote Speakers

Here is our list of Keynote Speakers that will be at EWC Virtual World Expo.


9:00 AM TO 12:00 Noon PST [Buy and Sell at Expo Hall]

12:30 PM TO 4:00 PM PST [Special Keynote Speakers at Auditorium]

Allan Share

Day Spa Association

Allan Share

Allan Share hosts the keynote speaker session and talks about new trends in Medical Esthetics.

Allan Share, a 32-year veteran of the Health and Wellness industry, took over as President of the Spa Industry Association in 2010 after 21 years as a manufacturer and distributor in the spa channel.

His vision for the Association is to continue building upon a legacy started in 1990 to bring benefits to spa operators and help them grow into professional businesses. The Association have become the leading trade Associations in the spa, esthetic and wellness world with over 72,000 members across the globe.

You can find Allan traveling the world on behalf of the industry speaking on a variety of topics including:
Changing Trends in the Medical Spa World
Visual Merchandising for Retail Success

The Integration of Medicine and Spa – Challenges and Opportunities

Allan’s previous companies include New Life Systems and Lotus Touch. Both companies were sold to Scrip Companies (owners of Scrip/HESSCO, Massage Warehouse, Promed and others) in 2007. He continued on for three years as Director of Spa Operations before taking over the Spa Industry Association.

Combination Protocols

How to combine treatments like Peels, needling, mesotherapy and LED.

You will understand the importance of combination treatments that have clinical and historical evidence to back them up. More than 3000 years of history and development

You will learn that the latest ‘fad’ treatments are just that. Marketing can only take you so far. Results speak far more

Even if you do these three treatments already, upgrading your knowledge to include multi- protocol applications is only going to add to the treatments you already do

Andrew is an accomplished professional Educator, Treatment Development Specialist and writer of many educational programs, with over 15 years’ experience in the aesthetic industry in the UK & Overseas.
Andrew studied aesthetic medicine in the United States, before coming back to the UK.

He also modelled for a while in America and was given the honour or teaching the new models in how to walk correctly, nutrition, interview skills and hair and makeup at Elite Model Management in San Francisco.

Andrew has travelled the globe to gain experience and education and a regular on television and in press globally as well as international pod casts and one to one treatment protocols for clinics around the world.

He has undertaken Ambassadorial roles in the past for some very high end product companies and is a regular at the beauty and aesthetic shows where he is asked by many companies and legislative groups to present on various subjects including; education, sales, many varied treatment protocols as well as many products, ingredients and their usage.

Andrew’s knowledge of the skin and its functions is varied and extensive. He is very ethical and always honest. Which is why he is in high demand from many companies when it comes to education, lecturing or hosting. His demeanour seems to capture people’s attention and allow for some very heavy lectures to become enjoyable and absorbing.

He is extremely passionate about the industry and has written many training programs that have achieved full accreditation in relation to the government HEE report that relates to legislation within the industry.

He is also very proud to have written a BSC (hons) in Clinical Cosmetology that is due to be released later this year and aimed at the advanced therapist.

He is also a published author; his book became a best seller.

Andrew Hansford

ACH Esthetics

Andrew Hansford

Dr. Izabela Załęska

Klinika Młodości


Autologous Plasma Filler

An international expert in the field of Cosmetology, a specialist in Aesthetic Cosmetology. She graduated from the Medical University of Lodz, later getting her PhD degree at the Faculty of Medicine of the Jagiellonian University of Cracow.

As a renowned specialist with years of experience, a trainer and an academic lecturer, dr Załęska is a member of numerous international organisations such as the Society of Cosmetic Scientists, British Medical Laser Association, European Laser Association, and the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine.

She’s an author of over 40 scientific publications, popular science and expert articles, also serving as editor-in-chief of the “Aesthetic Business” magazine.

Dr Izabela Załęska is a long standing practitioner, currently working on a regular basis at beauty clinics in Krakow, Poland and London, England.

100% sure the products you are using are safe?


Frankie Widdows is UK based award-winning International Lash Trainer, Guest speaker and Lash Judge at the world’s largest lash events. She now specialises solely in the treatment of eyelash extensions so that she can dedicate all her time to being an expert in this subject.

She is the founder and CEO of her International lash brand Eyelash Excellence. Frankie’s passion is working closely with lash manufacturers to ensure that she produces only safe products to the lash industry, as well as educating lash artists about the importance of ensuring that they know what they are using is safe.

Frankie has trained thousands of students worldwide through both her in-person and online lash courses. Frankie’s courses are the most technical ones out there, teaching her students even at beginners’ level to strive for competition standard lashes.

Frankie is a real perfectionist when it comes to lashes which is why her techniques are all about creating technically perfect sets.

Frankie is well known for her down to earth and approachable personality. She loves to speak to all that share her lash passion and will assist any person that reaches out to her. She enjoys sharing her tips and tricks on her SM, as well as her YouTube channel Eyelash Excellence. Interestingly, she was one of the first lash artists to create YouTube videos and share her skills.

In addition to the above, she is also a product developer, not only of safe cosmetic based products but for lash accessories. Along with her father, she was the original inventor of the lash palette, a device that is worn on the back of the hand to attach your extensions to. She then developed the volume dome, which again is worn on the back of the hand to assist with fanning the extensions. She was the first lash artist to develop tweezers specifically designed for volume. It took Frankie and her UK based tweezer manufacturers 18 months to bring the Polaris volume tweezer into the industry. This was then followed by the sister tweezer, the Orion.

Currently Frankie and her father are working on a safety tweezer, specifically designed for beginners.

Frankie’s success is due to her openness to share her techniques, as well as her passion and dedication to the industry which she loves.

Francine Widdows

Eyelash Excellence

Frankie Cropped

Leslyn Zak

Esthetic Development Center at Super ESTHI STORE

Leslyn Zak

The Ancient Practice of Womb Cleansing With Steam and Organic Herbs

Womb cleansing it also known as a Yoni Steam, V-Steam, or directly Vaginal Steaming.

Learn about the benefits and general practices for personal or spa guided steam sessions in this up front discussion.

This is an ancient technique brought into the modern world and is something that can be incorporated to increase revenues lost due to restrictions on touching the face.

This is a service that can be provide with out touch and both client and operator can stay masked. It’s so easy!

Leslyn is a true industry veteran with a 27 year track record as a spa owner, leader, educator. Licensed Esthetician, Nail Tech, and CEO of the Esthetic Development Center at SuperEsthiStore.com, Leslyn provides online education programs from Dermaplaning to Microneedling and Lymphatic Drainage. She has thoughtfully curated a collection of supplies to support your learning and business with trusted products.

Leslyn is nationally recognized for her passion and commitment to the the Skin Care Industry and gladly shares her knowledge and experience with us. You will enjoy her dynamic and candid presentation style laced with humor, we are confident it will be not only informative, but also entertaining and fun.

Asia’s Trends to Improve the Skin and Beauty Industry Post-Covid

As director of global operations at DERMAESTHETICS, Lee oversees the company’s overall operations and growth, covering more than 20 countries worldwide in addition to the company’s educational efforts. He is responsible for new product development, sales and distribution, while maintaining the highest quality control standard for products.

His strong financial background makes him especially apt in directing, marketing and negotiating in the major markets of China, Korea, Vietnam and Japan. Lee also heads up DERMEASTHETICS’ educational efforts for several educational institutions, including MUD, Cinema Make Up School, Loyola Marymount University, University of San Diego, UCI Medical Center and various esthetic and advanced esthetic institutions across the world engaging in skincare topics and legal compliances.

Prior to joining DERMAESTHETICS, Lee worked for various legal and financial institutions in the private equity and investment banking industries, Ministry of Legislation Republic of Korea, CGV Entertainment and U.S. film industry. He also served as the director of the Beauty MBA Program at Pacific States University, Los Angeles. Lee currently sits on various advisory boards for mobile start up technologies, emerging skincare and device companies and consults for privately held beauty brands.

Lee earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Economics with an emphasis in Accounting and a minor in Asian American Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara, a Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in International Business from the California State University of Northridge as well as executive certifications from the Thunderbird School of Business and a Juries Doctorate and LLM in Taxation at the University of San Diego.

Lincoln Lee


Lincoln Lee

Sam Marshall

The Beauty Guru

Sam Marshall

Trans Awareness in Beauty

Trans awareness is something unfortunately we still need to be educated on. There is still so much stigma and as Trans is one area that we need to understand more to enable us to be inclusive in our businesses.

During this webinar you will learn :

  • Trans meaning and history
  • Etiquette and terminology
  • How to de gender your treatment list
  • The ways you can become a Trans Ally
  • Trans and the law
  • How to ensure you are marketing your services inclusively
  • How to be a Trans Ally

As the founder of The Beauty Guru Clinic in MediaCityUK, Manchester, Sam Marshall is a leading waxing educator in the UK. Sam teaches Trans awareness to the Hair and Beauty Industry and is also an HIV awareness advocate.

After studying Beauty Therapy in 1998, Sam has worked with various well-known brands such as Aveda, Clarins, Dermalogica and Dr. Murad as well as managing the prestigious Urban Retreat Salon within Harvey Nichols, Manchester for 9 years. Sam then went on to become a freelance educator for brands various brands ranging from nails to tanning before settling to open her own clinic in 2016. Sam now works as an advanced facialist whilst teaching classes in waxing and skin under The Skin Guru, The Wax Guru, Axiom Wax Academy and ACH Aesthetics.

Sam sits on the HABIA advisory board and regularly contributes to national and trade media, with varying television and radio appearances as well as printed articles and expert statements.

Sam recently founded “The Skin Collaborative” – a group of skin professionals who have come together to educate the public around all things “skin”.

Esthetics that contributes to long life expectancy in Japan

Anpuku Techniques (body heating technique), fermented ingredients, fermented foods, topical application and healthy intestinal bacteria.

With 30 years of experience in the Japanese beauty industry, Mariko is a mentor and educator to many top estheticians. She also specializes in consultations, giving advice on a wide range of topics such as esthetic management, cosmetic development and technology development throughout Japan. In addition, in cooperation with insurance organizations, she has given countless lectures on how to obtain and improve health through esthetic treatments. Furthermore, she was chosen as a part of an elite team of estheticians to help various problems (not only physical but mental health issues) suffered by those effected by the 2012 earthquake & tsunami. Since then, she has been a front runner in the development of treatments that helps individuals with physical and mental health. She has also been heavily involved in research and studies concerning the key to a long and healthy life in collaboration with national institutions and medical professionals. Through this experience she came to the realization that the health benefits of heating the body (through ancient Japanese techniques) and regulating intestinal bacteria (through consumption of Japanese fermented foods) was one of the key factors. From that point on she has been incorporating these ideals in to the development of new techniques, supplements and cosmetics.

There are many beauty and health treatments in Japan. This time around we will be exploring the importance of improving immunity through heating the body, regulation of intestinal bacteria through consumption of fermented foods and ingredients. We will also be looking forward to sharing various treatments the incorporate these ideals.

Mariko Ikeda

CEO Libinvest Pacific

Mariko Ikeda Pic

Tiaja Pierre

Tiaja Maison de Beaute

Tiaja Pierre

How to Land the Front Cover of a Magazine


Tiaja Pierre is the current TSG2020 Makeup Artist of the Year, as well as a two time NAHA North American Hairstylist of the Year finalist in makeup. She has been doing makeup professionally for over ten years and has been featured in many industry trade magazines such as: Makeup Artist, American Salon, Estetica USA and Modern Salon to name a few.

Tiaja’s passion and skills for makeup has taken her backstage to IMG NYFW New York Fashion Week doing makeup for various designers. As well as traveling internationally to do makeup for The International Hair Awards in Spain and to The United Kingdom for The Alternative Hair Awards. Tiaja is also part of The Beauty Underground, Makeup Division. Recently, Beauty Underground won the 2020 Hairbrained Video Awards in New York City which Tiaja did the makeup for. Beauty Underground is a Team Finalist for The International Hair Awards which Tiaja did the makeup for the entry.