Why You Must be at EWC Virtual World Expo

Meet Our Speakers

Allan Share

Host/new trends in Medical Esthetics.

Dr. Izabela Załęska

Autologous Plasma Filler

Francine Widdows

100% sure the products you are using are safe?

Andrew Hansford

Combination Protocols

Lincoln Lee

Asia’s Trends to Improve the Skin and Beauty Industry Post-Covid

Sam Marshall

Trans Awareness in Beauty

Mariko Ikeda

Esthetics that contributes to long life expectancy in Japan

Leslyn Zak

The Ancient Practice of Womb Cleansing With Steam and Organic Herbs

Tiaja Pierre

Tiaja Pierre

How to Land the Front Cover of a Magazine


9:00 AM TO 12:00 Noon PST [ Buy and Sell at Expo Hall ]

12:00 PM TO 4:00 PM PST [ Special Keynote Speakers at the Auditorium ]

Why You Should be at EWC Virtual Expo

No Restrictions

There are no restrictions in our Virtual World and you can enjoy shaking hands, dancing and sitting close to your friend with no need for social distancing. Anything is possible in a virtual world!

Presentation Tools

We have great presentation tools all around our campus that makes it easy to give a class, speech or demo, You can share your screen, show a website or even share your webcam on the big screen.

Do Cool Stuff

There are lots of cool stuff you can do in our Virtual campus with your Avatar even though you can't do them in real life. You can dance, run, ride a speed boat and teleport between campus locations!


Make friends with other great people like you who are ready to make big moves in the industry and not let day to day restrictions stop them from doing great things!

Become a Vendor

Reserve a booth at our virtual Expo Hall where you can have a virtual world experience right from the comfort of your home/office.

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Attend Virtual Expo

The EWC offers a special experience where you can walk around the world as you own avatar, and have access to hundreds of special deals from companies all over the world.

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