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What are Eyelash Extension Mites

Woman cleaning eyes to prevent Eyelash Extension Mites

A build-up of sebum and debris on the lash line causes eyelash extension mites. There are two types of eyelash mites: Demodex folliculorum, which are found on the face, and Demodex brevis, which are found in the sebaceous glands. Both types of mites feed on the sebum produced by the sebaceous glands.

While mites occur naturally on our bodies, an overpopulation of mites can cause infection and no one wants to have an infection on their body.

The symptoms of eyelash mites include itchiness, burning, crusty red edges on your eyelid, feeling like something “foreign” is in your eye, irritation inside your eyelid, blurry vision, eye pain, and unexplained tearing in your eyes.

These mites can be carried from one person to another by sharing eye makeup or brushes. It is also important to note that while they are called eyelash extension mites, they can also occur with people who don’t wear lashes as much as they don’t clean their eyes regularly, thereby causing the buildup of mites around the eyes.

They can be prevented by regularly cleaning the lash line with an oil-free cleanser and by avoiding makeup and other products that can block the pores.


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