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Sunday, February 27, 2022
The Southbank Riverwalk Hotel - Jacksonville, FL


"Zen Miller" Presents

This 8 hour class includes 3 of my absolute favorite modalities.

Owner of The Zen Lounge & Institute for Higher Learning, Massage Therapist, Master Esthetician, Oncology Esthetician, Respiratory Therapist, Group Fitness Instructor and Continuing Education Provider.

This 8 hour class includes 3 of my absolute favorite modalities.

Zen Facelift Massage – My Signature Award Winning (6) step facial massage combines elements of Fitness, Massage, Traditional Chinese Medicine, ISOMETRIC and ISOTONIC techniques. Each is designed to lift, firm, balance, sculpt, tighten and tone the 43 muscles and connective tissue of the face, neck and décolleté. *We will be learning both my open and closed hand techniques. Steam Towel Acupressure + Seated Yoga – Learn the ancient art of facial reflexology. In this segment you will be introduced to (9) powerful muscle relaxing, tension releasing acupressure points on the head, face, neck and chest.

Stimulating these points help to enhance the body’s natural ability to heal. As the practitioner, you will also learn seated Yoga stretches to do while your clients face is covered. Win/Win.

Advanced Bodywork for Estheticians – Learn 10 Easy to learn and EASY on your body stretching techniques for the chest, shoulders, neck, arms, and hands. Seriously elevate any service with these unique and effective techniques.
Class Includes: Manual, Health Intake Form, Certificate of Training.

Everyone knows that massage is one of the most relaxing aspects of any facial. Products change all the time, but the power of an amazing massage to get a client longing for your services is undeniable.

Better skin is just one of the reasons our clients choose us for services. We, as humans, crave touch. A baby can stop growing and can die without it. When does that craving for touch stop? It doesn’t. Massage is that very special time in your facial where no words are needed, you can feel your client melt like butter into your warm and cozy table and into another dimension. There is nothing better in my humble opinion.

Not Feeling Super Confident in Facial Massage? You are not alone, most estheticians don’t. You’re only as good as the instructor who taught you or your motivation to continue learning after school . . . right?

In this class I will bring my experience as a Master Estherician, Massage Therapists and energy worker for the past 24 years and introduce new, effective and innovative massage techniques. Perfect for any Fitzpatrick, skin-type, ethnicity, or gender. These techniques are compatible with any massage medium/product of your choice.

One size does not fit all so this class will cover multiple facial massages and techniques, their history, modifications and proper ergonomics to make you as versatile as possible.

What you will learn:

  • Overview of the muscles and nerves affected by massage
  • Selecting the proper massage techniques for your client
  • Massage techniques to balance the structural, musculoskeletal, lymphatics, vascular and connective tissue.
  • Massage techniques for lifting and sculpting
  • Massage techniques for softening and balancing
  • Massage techniques to help with TMJD, and Bell’s Palsy
  • Massage techniques for self-care.
  • Massage variations and modifications
  • Massage indications and contraindications.
  • Massage theory and practice
  • Massage for Health and Beauty benefits
  • Tips, tricks, and secrets to market and promote your skills.
  • Overview Lymphatic Drainage and Meridians
  • Self-Care stretches at work
  • Botox and Fillers
  • The role of lymph, energy and metabolic waste in our body
  • Advanced Facial Anatomy and Physiology
  • Ergonomics for the practitioner & client
  • Stretches to relieve repetitive motion injuries
  • Developing your signature service
  • Facial fascia manipulation
  • Cranial Nerves and your CNS

These techniques are game changers and WILL separate and elevate you from your competition!

Other info –

Class is from 9:30am – 5:30pm
Bring 2 facial towels and your favorite facial massage oil or lotion.
You do not need a model
Bring your lunch, snacks and beverage
Come VERY WELL hydrated and well rested
Please wear something that can slip off your shoulders to expose your decolleté. *Tank top, wrap, tube top

Zen Miller – Proprietress, The Zen Institute.
Massage Therapist, Master Esthetician, Oncology Esthetician, Cardio-Respiratory Therapist, Group Fitness Instructor, Energy Healer and Medium.

Developed Zen Botanicals All Natural Anti-Aging Skincare and Zen Butter, YoMa Massage and the award winning Zen Facelift Facial

POC: Cheryl Miller: text (253.225.1649)

Tuition Refund Policy for Live and Online classes:
**Due to the intellectual property nature of this technique
developed by Cheryl L. Miller, Owner The Zen Lounge, The Zen Institute, Developer YoMa Massage, The Award Winning Zen Facelift Facial, Zen 5 Element Facelift, and Zen Butter.

All Tuition is NON-REFUNDABLE after attending a class/Retreat/Workshop.

No Refunds
You may: Attend class at any other location.

*LATE ARRIVAL: if you arrive more than 2 hours late you not receive Certificate of Training or 8 CE’s


All cancellations must be received (not post dated) in writing via mail. Cancellation Policy must be strictly enforced since workshops require a great deal of planning and preparation.

A refund will be given, less a $79.00 processing fee if canceled 14+ days prior to the start of the workshop/class/retreat.

Any cancellations -14 days or less will not qualify for a refund but may be used toward a future workshop with the approval of the administrative department of TZI or be redeemed in online classes for credit @ Salon-gurus.com

Refunds will be less transaction Bank fees

Since a minimum number of registrants are necessary for each course and we do not meet this minimum, or for any other reason beyond our control the course is canceled or postponed, the registration fee will be refunded in full.
TZI is not responsible for deposits to hotels, non-refundable airline tickets or fees associated with necessary airline changes.
It is the responsibility of every licensed medical professional to know and follow their own State guidelines and regulations relating to their area of practice, prepare for and arrive to class on time, sign liability waiver and follow all class guidelines and rules.

7 Figure Instagram Masterclass

by Candace Holyfield

Learn about the 7 Figure Hashtag Strategy, grow your audinece organically and learn how to build and monetizee you instagram audience

Candace Holyfield, affectionately known as The Six Figure Spa Chick, has broken new ground in the beauty and spa industry for African American Spa professionals with The Queen Spa Expo and The Black Spa Magazine.

The millennial business mogul has been featured on BET, FOX and ESSENCE Music Festival as a trailblazer who has assisted in launching and creating six figure income for over 500 spas and secured a clientele base of over 15,000 since beginning her journey in 2011. Learn the 7 figure instagram strategy to scale your business to the next level during the 7 Figure Instagram Strategy Masterclass.

You Would Learn:

  • The 7 Figure Hashtag Strategy
  • Grow your audience organically.
  • Build your business through Instagram
  • Learn to monitize your audience.

Date – Feb 27th

Time – 3:00pm

Price – $99 valued at $1597 [Limited Seats Available]

Pay here

Microneedling Certification Class

by Stephanie Locklear

This course will include theory along with a take-home booklet.

Time: 9:00am -4:00pm

This course will include theory along with a take-home booklet. We will cover microneedling, nano infusion and scar revision along with different cartridges and needles used according to what condition we will be treating. All consent forms, pre and post care instructions and intake forms will be included. I will do a live demo and each student will give and receive a treatment. Lunch will be provided!

$400 – Course Only
$1000 – Course + Pen Bundle

Pen package includes:

  • Stelo microneedling pen
  • Hyaluronic serum
  • Numbing cream
  • Colloidal spray
  • 10 cartridge tips.

Payment Options:
Zelle pay Stephanie Locklear 6026436190
Venmo @Stephanie-Locklear-12

Advanced Waxing Workshop + Wow Brows

by Lauren Cruz

Understand the Hair Anatomy and how it applies to waxing.
Learn about different types of waxes and aftercare.

Learn eyebrow tinting with the east coast eyebrow expert and TSG Wax Artist of the Year!

Time: 1 pm – 3 pm

Reward: Certification of Accomplishment

Description: This one-day (3 hour) workshop will teach you everything you need to know to achieve the most thorough wax results in the least amount of time to increase your volume of clients and retain your clientele. This workshop is designed to be energetic and fun using hard wax techniques and pre/post waxing products. It showcases the importance of proper technique, sanitization and efficiency for best results, and aftercare maintenance for client’s care and how to best increase your sales for waxing aftercare.

Workshop includes:
Waxing kit to keep and take home! Including
Waxing product assortment: (warmers, wax, accessories)
As well as waxing tables and tools to practice on your own model. (privacy screens provided)

Workshop overview:

Product knowledge – waxes and aftercare.
Hair Anatomy and how it applies to waxing.
Certified Expert Demo – (Live timed demonstration of a Brazilian wax and a vagacial)
Best tips on how to retain clientele and sell aftercare product
Waxing technique for best results.


Time: 3pm – 6pm

Learn eyebrow tinting with the east coast eyebrow expert!

Certification included – kit included

Reward: Certification of Accomplishment

This one-day (3 hour) workshop will teach you everything you need to know to consult, design, apply product and style eyebrows using waxing, tweezing, henna and make-up artistry to elevate your client’s appearance. This workshop will highlight the importance of proper technique, sanitization, color theory for best results, and aftercare maintenance for client’s care.

Workshop includes:

Waxing product assortment: warmers, wax, accessories, waxing tables and tools.

Workshop overview:

Product knowledge – waxes, hennas and brow make up.

Face anatomy – Square, Round, Long, Heart, Oval face shape

Certified Expert Demo – (30-minute Brow Waxing, Definition and styling )

Best tips on how to measure brows

Waxing technique for best results

Tweezing technique for best results

Henna application for best results

Brow make-up application for best results.

Ultimate Skin Bundle (4 courses)

by Julie Resce

Consultation & Skin Analysis, Mastering Skin Conditions, Acne Solutions, Ingredient Expert – LIFETIME ACCESS to our educational platform!

Ultimate Skin Bundle (4 courses) – Consultation & Skin Analysis, Mastering Skin Conditions, Acne Solutions, Ingredient Expert – LIFETIME ACCESS to our educational platform!

Class Description:
Consultation & Skin Analysis – Quickly and easily gain your client’s trust and respect, Eliminate the confusion of intake forms and paperwork, Expertly analyze your client’s skin care needs and make foolproof recommendations, Book more services, sell more products and make more money!
Mastering Skin Conditions – Master the four most common skin conditions: Acne, Rosacea, Hyper-pigmentation and Aging Skin, Design effective treatment plans and protocols, Educate clients on causes, triggers, proper home care and prevention, Gain exceptional client results and skyrocket your professional value!
Acne Solutions – Thoroughly understand the anatomy, causes, types and grades of acne, Create optimized client specific treatment plans,Uncover the secrets to effective acne home care, nutrition and product selection, Discover the best anti-acne ingredients,Learn about acne medications and how they apply to youLearn from a variety of real world client case studies!
Ingredient Expert – Learn how proper ingredient selection turns average skincare results into amazing skincare results, Discover exactly how to use ANY product line for ANY client, solely based on its ingredients, Leverage your ingredient knowledge to sell more products and services than you ever have before- regardless of the line you carry or where you do business! Consultation & Skin Analysis

Cost: $197 – Over 75% Off Regular Prices

Kit Included: Downloadable forms and cheat sheets

Certificate Included: Each online course comes with a unique certificate of completion for your professional portfolio

Class Length – Each online course is 2.5 – 3 hours of training. The entire course bundle is approximately 10 hours

AccessSkin Coach Julie! or visit Skin Coach Julie!


Brow Lamination Masterclass

by René de la Garza

Brows have completely changed my business but it wasn’t until I became the go-to lamination expert that my entire life changed.

In my Brow Lamination Master Class, I share everything you need to know to provide this professional service plus all my secrets to have your clients raving,

Class Title:
Learn the Brow Industry’s newest service: Brow Lamination with Celebrity Artist, René de la Garza

About the Brow Lamination Masterclass:
Brows have completely changed my business but it wasn’t until I became the go-to lamination expert that my entire life changed. In my Brow Lamination Master Class, I share everything you need to know to provide this professional service plus all my secrets to have your clients raving,
“These are the best brows I’ve ever had!”. I’m going to show you how to give your clients my A-list requested brows. My goal is to help you grow your business by upgrading your service menu. Are you ready?

Class Cost: $650
Class Length: 3 hours
Brow Lamination Masterclass includes:
– Professional Brow Lamination Kit
– Class Manual
– Certificate of Completion issued by Skin Maestro, René de la Garza
– Access to the Skin Maestro Brow Lamination Virtual Masterclass, as well as access to the Certified Artists private Facebook support group for ongoing continued education.
– Access to document portal: Supply list, Contraindications, Sample Consent Forms – Business coaching to help you market the brow lamination service on your menu.

Class Curriculum:
– Brow Lamination Theory: What is Brow Lamination, Who is an ideal candidate, contraindications, and about Thuva Professional line products.
– Brow Lamination Technique: How to perform a Brow Lamination, how to design brows based on the individual, how to work on different hair textures, determining the appropriate processing times and more!
– Understanding the pH Level and how it applies to you as the artist, and to your client
– Two Live Brow Laminations will be performed by René on two different brow hair textures.
– Recommendations for aftercare
– Photographing your work for Social Media
– Live QandA with René on being a successful Brow Artist.

About René de la Garza

René de la Garza, founder of Brow Down Studio, is a brow artist, licensed esthetician and National Trainer known for his classic brow shaping, brow lamination method and top-rated, buzzing beauty studios in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.

His ever-growing Celebrity Client list includes: Cardi B, Lizzo, Noah Cyrus, Latto and HAIM, to name a few.

His work can also be seen on Several High Fashion Runways, International Beauty Campaigns, and press including: Vogue, BET, Wall Street Journal, Zoe Report and Harper’s Bazaar.

He has worked in the industry since 2006 and has been waxing poetic about beauty since he was 16. René is represented by The Only Agency-LA/NY/LDN as their first Brow Artist/ Esthetician.

Spa Boss Bundle (3 courses)

by Derek Warburton and Robyn Newmark

The XXX Threat
Public Image, Branding and Authenticity
How to Organize your day Like a top CEO

The XXX Threat

Class description: Micro needling evolved with Procell Therapies, o2skinpro and IlluminateLED light therapy.

10 Treatments of 02skinpro, 5 post treatment masks
Class cost:$69
Class hours. 10 treatments of O2skinpro and 5 Procell post treatment masks.

“You’ve got the Look!” – Public Image, Branding and Authenticity

Class description: PR and Media experts Mr. Warburton Media Owner Derek Warburton and Beauty Director Robyn Newmark walk you through how they brand and style some of the biggest celebrities in the world. Join this class and get a complete image workbook on how to bring out your ultimate public persona while still being authentically you. Also get one professional head shot directed by beauty director Robyn Newmark and personal 1-hour private coaching and image call.

Class cost: $599
Door prize: Attendees get entered to win an exclusive gift basket TBD $1000 value

Mermaid Esty 2

Hard Wax Brazilian Class

by The Mermaid Esty

Learn about brazilians, vagacials, fanny facials, and how to grow your solo esty business, as well as hands-on waxing classes.

Mermaid Esty 1

This 3-hour class is great for beginners, students, or waxers who want to improve their technique and speed. Brazilians are not always taught in school, and I believe the best way to learn is from an expert. Brazilians can be scary to learn and master but I clearly explain everything from my favorite hard waxes, wax temp, sticks, creating the perfect strip and lips for success and speed, as well as talking with clients about after care, pre-booking, upselling services, and selling packages. In this class you will observe a live full demo on a model and videos including positioning, pregnancy waxing, how to deal with tampon and genital piercing and much more.

Attendees will receive a certificate of completion (emailed), a swag bag, and get access to the online Hard Wax Brazilian Class ($299 value) along with other exclusive deals.

Class Cost $450.00