Unlocking Success: The Super-Power of Mentorship in the Skincare Industry

In the forever-evolving world of Skin Care, trends shift like sand through an hourglass. New products flood the market daily, mentorship stands like a lighthouse as a guiding beacon for professionals, both seasoned and newly licensed alike. And much like a well-formulated serum, mentorship could encourage growth and foster success in this dynamic field. The […]

UK Talent Wins Big on the Global Stage: Aggie Singh Named The Skin Game’s Esthetician of the Year

Making her highly-anticipated US debut, UK esthetician Aggie Singh impressed judges at The Skin Game with her innovative case study approach. “Seeing competitions showcase our field’s powerful impact and offer recognition drove me to compete internationally,” says Aggie. Her winning case focused on a model suffering from overuse of certain products, leaving skin compromised. Through […]

8 Advanced Education Courses to Look Up To at The Skin Games 2024 Live Event

The Skin Games 2024 Live Event promises an exciting lineup of advanced education courses designed to up your skills and boost your success in the esthetics industry. Here are eight more options to consider: Sharpen Your Case Study Skills: Enhance Your Lash Lift Services: Elevate Your Post-Epilation Care: Transform Your Retail Approach: Explore Scalp Micropigmentation: […]

Top 10 Activities to Enjoy at The Skin Games Live Event

The Skin Games live event will be happening March 6-9, 2024, at the Westin Buckhead in Atlanta. This premier event for the aesthetics industry offers a chance to learn, connect, and celebrate the best in the business. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, there’s something for everyone at The Skin Games. Here […]

The Journey of XO8 Cosmeceuticals: Empowering Skin Confidence in a New York Minute!

As an esthetician, my journey has been intertwined with the stories of my clients – tales of beauty, resilience, and the constant quest for self-love in a world that often imposes unrealistic standards. In our brief one-hour sessions, we create a sanctuary where my clients not only receive skincare but share their lives and dreams. […]

Get to Know Jacie from Designs for Vision

I wanted to introduce you to Jacie Eber, the Manager of the Health and Beauty Industry at Designs for Vision. Designs for Vision is the world leader in customized magnification, and Jacie is passionate about helping beauty professionals discover how loupes can improve their work. I sat down with Jacie to learn more about her […]

Meet our community.

We had great conversation on The Skin Games Esthetician Forum here are some highlights from last week: Hello— Michelle from Rhode Island- finalist in holistic skin care in 2018. I had a wonderful time being involved with and during my time at the skin games in 2018. I met so many wonderful people and it […]

The Compassion Auction: How It Works and How You Can Get Involved

The Compassion Auction is a unique fundraising event that supports important causes while also providing an opportunity for participants to win valuable items at a fraction of the cost. Founded by TSG director Jennifer Rosenblum, the Compassion Auction has become a beloved tradition for our community, raising thousands of dollars each year to support charities […]

The 2022 winners of The Skin Games Compassion Category

The 2022 winners of The Skin Games Compassion Category are an inspiration to us all. Let’s take a closer look at some of the winners and how they are making a difference in their communities: These winners truly embody the spirit of the Compassion Category and are making a tremendous impact in their communities. Their […]

The Benefits of Participating in The Skin Games

As a skincare and beauty professional, it’s important to stay on top of your game and showcase your skills and expertise to the world. One way to do that is by participating in The Skin Games, an international skincare competition and award show that celebrates skincare and beauty professionals from all over the world. In […]