Learn about The Skin Games

Lurking in the corners of the glamorous billion dollar beauty empire are the unsung heroes of the skincare treatment rooms, the licensed estheticians.  These highly skilled, caring ambassadors of health and beauty bring honest results and lasting proof to the growing public of this rapidly growing industry.  The beauty industry rides upon the shoulders of these hard-working, often un-noticed professionals of skin care.

Then why are our estheticians, the indispensable professionals of the beauty industry, found earning only $11-15 per hour on average and dropping out of the profession within their first 3 years… at an alarming rate of 90%?  We believe this is primarily due to the industry’s lack of promotion, education, encouragement, and recognition of its membership.  Also missing is adequate business training and social networking within the industry.  So for this, friends of the industry have come together to form The Extraordinary Esthetician.

The Extraordinary Esthetician strives to think outside the box and create a refreshing new equal opportunity showcase for skin care professionals.  We believe those who have made it this far deserve to have the resources and opportunity to take their craft and careers to the next level.

So now is the time to shine from the dimly lit treatment rooms, arise from the ashes of hard work, and get empowered from the love and commitment of the craft.  Use this opportunity to showcase your professionalism, learn to incorporate social media, and therefore improve your clientele and increase your income.

The flame of competition has been ignited with #THESKINGAMES2021 and we present to you,


May the best Esthetician win!