Read through the rules and regulations that guide our judging criteria.

Criteria for Lash Lift Category

General Competition Rules & Code of Conduct:

  • No refunds of competition fees are given. Competition entrance fees are non-transferable.
  • Competitions are open to students and professional technicians of all skill levels.
  • The Skin Games reserve the right to refuse entry to any competitor.
  • Competitors and models must be at least 16 years old.
  • Each competition will have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner.
  • A 1-10-point judging system will be used; – 1 being the lowest – 10 being flawless.
  • Competitors must use and arrange for their own model for the event.
  • All competitors must provide their own English translator if needed.
  • No eating allowed – only non-alcoholic drinks in competition arena.
  • All products must be clearly labeled – hand-written labels are acceptable. Non-labeled products will be confiscated during the competition.
  • Competitor numbers will be allocated on the competition arena via a colored sticker.
  • All photos/video taken by The Skin Games personnel or contractors are the sole property of the organizer, to be used in whatever fashion deemed appropriate by the organizer without compensation to the competitors.
  • After registration, you will be sent a confirmation email. If you do not receive this, please contact the organizer urgently, as it means your registration has NOT been processed.

The Competition Floor:

  • Only competitors and their models may enter the competition arena. Any other person entering the arena must obtain permission from the organizer or floor judges.
  • Competitors will be allowed to set up their tools and products during the competition briefing. 
  • Each competition will have a briefing, scheduled 20 minutes prior to the start of each event.
  • Competitors and models must be present for the briefing and remain at their desks until the conclusion of the competition.
  • Once the allotted time is up, competitors must immediately stop working (and stand with their model)
  • Any competitor found to still be working on their model after the close of the competition will be disqualified by a floor judge.
  • When instructed, competitors are responsible for making sure their model understands the judging procedure and directing them to visit each judge before leaving.
  • Models must not leave the judging arena until they’ve been judged by all the judges. Any model leaving the judging arena prior to being judged will be disqualified.

Finally to note…

  • The Judges’ decisions are final. Scoresheets will be available for competitors to collect after the Awards. 
  • The Skin Games organizers will provide all competitors with a bed, chair, and table. 
  • The Skin Games Organizers DO NOT provide models.
  • All competitors should arrive promptly at the stated registration time according to the competition schedule.
  • Competitors will be given 20 minutes to prepare, clean their models lashes and apply eye pads.

Judging method:

Every effort is made to ensure that qualified judges are provided. Judges meet prior to the competition, so all are clear on what and how they are judging and their responsibilities. Judging sheets are made available to competitors after the awards ceremony and judges will make every effort to be available for any questions/critique afterwards, although this is not guaranteed.

The judging is blind, meaning only the models will be seen by each judge. The judges will have no knowledge of which technician created which set of lashes. Models will be identified by numbers on wristbands randomly assigned on the arena. Judges do not judge every aspect of the set. Each judge is given aspects out of 10 to judge. This way they can concentrate on a few aspects of the lashes, rather than all and helps to keep the judging consistent. It also stops any one judge from drastically raising or lowering a competitor’s score, since they do not judge all 10 points.
This method of judging makes the process a bit quicker, which is good in larger competitions like this. Every effort is made to ensure judges are a mix of experts from around the world. It is your responsibility to read all the rules and obtain clarification on any you are not 100% certain of. If you compete and are judged with a deduction due to a rule that you did not interpret the way it was meant, it’s too late to change this at the competition. Judge’s decisions are final and all entries are judged on the exact same criteria. Have all your questions clarified before the competition to ensure a more satisfying experience.