Sugaring Competition

Understand What Our Waxing Competition Is About and Why You Should Enter.

What is Our Sugaring Competition

Our Sugaring Competition is a highly anticipated event that focuses on three main categories: Leg Sugaring, Facial Sugaring, and Brazilian Sugaring.

Contestants have the opportunity to participate in one or multiple categories, showcasing their proficiency and versatility in different sugaring techniques. The competition is designed to challenge participants’ skills and highlight their ability to achieve exceptional results.

Contestants are evaluated based on various criteria, including professional methods of sugaring, pattern of paste application and removal, technique, speed, and accuracy.

Sugaring Options

Sugar depilation of the feet in the beauty salon. Rid of hair on the legs. Sugaring. Master shugaring applies thick sugar paste on the legs of a young girl, removing hair on the legs. Close-up.


Eyebrows correction. Beautiful blonde-haired woman visiting depilatory salon for eyebrows correction


Closeup Of Beautiful Healthy Woman Posing, Pulling Down Underwear, Showing Body With Hairless Silky Smooth Soft Skin In White Bikini Panties. Intimate Hygiene, Female Health. Blue Studio Background


Who Can Enter?

The Sugaring Competition is open to licensed professionals in the skincare industry who have a passion for sugaring and a desire to showcase their talent.

Whether you are an experienced sugaring professional or a rising star in the field, this competition welcomes all skilled individuals who are dedicated to delivering top-notch sugaring services.

If you are a sugaring technician who is eager to network with other ambitious professionals and industry leaders, this competition is for you.