The Skin Games Guide

We’ll put you through the step by step for entering The Skin Games and getting your entries submitted properly so as to make the best of your results! (All categories except the Lash Competition.)

Aggie Singh Awards

Get Registered

You get in The Skin Games by registering for the category/categories where you will like to compete.

As a Licensed Esthetician or certified pro, you can compete in any available category.

Be sure to review and fully understand the rules for each category that you register for.

Skin category rules

Wax category rules

Sugar category rules

PMU category rules

Lash Lift category rules

Brow Lamination category rules 

Massage competition rules

Compassion category rules

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All the steps to follow from step 3 to step 7 only pertain to the skin categories. (Acne, Age Management, Compromised Skin, Holistic, Open, Open Medical, New Esthetician and Pigmentation)

These are the steps you will take:

After registration, you are automatically a finalist. You do not need to proceed to step four. See you at the show!

Get your model/models

Once your registration has been submitted and payment made, make sure to get one model per category.

A lot of contestants run a social media campaign in search for models. This search for model’s is a great way to popularize your business and let your regulars and community know that you are entering The Skin Games.

You might want to consider doing treatments at a discount/for free for your model.

A lot of contestants often contact their favored product line for product sponsorship that will be used for the case study in exchange for talking about their products in their video diaries.

Submit your Forms

You are required to submit the following:

NB: This will also be a good time to have a formal agreement between you and your model to ensure they follow your instructions to the letter throughout the 8-week program.

Video Diaries

You are expected to submit 8 videos.

You are encouraged to submit an introductory video for your entry, where you can let us know about your selection process and what you hope to achieve within the next eight weeks.

Access the Video Upload Page here

Watch an example of a good video entry here

Submit your After Picture

You are required to submit your after picture which should be taken on the last day of your case study treatment.

Here are some things to remember while taking your after picture:

  • Pictures must be taken in similar condition to the before pictures
  • Lighting must be as similar as possible to the before picture
  • Picture framing must be as similar as possible to the after picture
  • Picture must come with a newspaper print that shows the date or be taken with a date watermark camera
  • Picture must not be edited in any way.
  • If your phone comes with a beauty mode, please disable it before taking your pictures.
  • Submit your After Pictures of the treatment Journey