Calling all Estheticians

SKIN BOSS Masterminds

Are you ready to showcase your skills, win amazing prizes, and compete to be the ultimate Skin Boss? The Skin Boss Mastermind, brought to you by The Skin Games, is a thrilling competition searching for the next big names in esthetics.

IECSC Las Vegas | TSG Booth #

June 23, 2024 11 am to 1pm

What is The Skin Boss Mastermind?

The Skin Boss Mastermind transforms skincare expertise into a captivating competition. Teams of two estheticians will battle it out to create the most innovative and effective treatment for a model, all while incorporating products and devices from our esteemed vendor partners.


Competition Format

  • Qualifying Rounds: These exciting events take place at prominent skincare trade shows across the United States. You can choose the location that best suits you.
  • Paired Competition: Get ready to collaborate! In a unique twist, you’ll be randomly paired with another talented esthetician to tackle the challenge. This tests your ability to adapt, communicate, and work effectively as a team.

  • Surprise Skin Care Challenge: Each round features a surprise skincare challenge designed to assess your knowledge, creativity, and technical skills. These challenges may involve creating customized facial treatments, addressing specific skin concerns, or showcasing innovative product application techniques.

  • Judging and Prizes: A panel of industry experts will evaluate your teamwork, execution, and overall results. Winners from each qualifying round will progress to the Championship Round.

The Path to Becoming a Skin Boss Mastermind:

  • Eligibility: Ensure you hold a valid esthetician license to participate.

  • Apply Online: Visit The Skin Games website and navigate to the Skin Boss Mastermind application page.

  • Prepare Your Application: Gather your esthetician license, professional headshot, a concise bio highlighting your experience and achievements, and links to your professional social media profiles (Facebook & Instagram).

  • Application Review: Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so submit yours early to increase your chances!

  • Qualifying Round Notification: If selected, you’ll be notified and receive details about the specific qualifying round location, date, and the surprise skincare challenge.

  • Travel and Accommodation: As the qualifying rounds occur at different trade shows throughout the US, competitors are responsible for their travel and accommodation arrangements.

Becoming a Skin Boss Mastermind Champion

Winners from each qualifying round will be invited to compete in the ultimate showdown – The Skin Games Championship Round! This prestigious event takes place in March of the following year, offering the ultimate chance to be crowned the 2024 Skin Boss Mastermind Champion!

TSG2023-24 Mastermind Champions

Brooke Kennedy

Winning Team

Shaidy Alicia

Winning Team