Skin Boss Masterminds is the ultimate showdown for estheticians! It’s where they put their skills, creativity, and teamwork to the test as they race against the clock to create the most effective skincare protocols using a wide range of products and techniques. With every decision they make, players must strategize and outsmart their opponents to achieve the ultimate goal of winning the title of Skin Boss Mastermind. But it’s not just about winning, players will have to overcome obstacles such as different skin types and conditions, pushing them to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions. With Skin Boss Masterminds, players will be able to learn about cutting-edge skincare techniques, products, and strategies, all while having a thrilling and exciting experience. Will you rise to the challenge and become the next Skin Boss Mastermind?

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Learn about cutting-edge skincare techniques, products, and strategies

12 Master Estheticians

4 Expert Judges

1 Goal

Register to be a competitor or a model.

  1. Complete applications (Detailed game information will be sent via email to the contestants)
  2. Complete consent forms/photo release as contestant or models.

Audience members come to The Skin Games location at the conference to watch the game show. Audience has a chance to win prices from vendors at the conference.

Qualifying rounds – Pick any of the 4 to attend


  1. Master or Ceremonies will explain to audience Game Rules (5 minutes)
  2. Introduce each team of two Master Estheticians (5 minutes)
  3. Bring in the 5 Models and assign each to a Master Esthetician Team (5 minutes)
  4. Contestants will be given 5 minutes to consult with their model. (5 minutes)
  5. Each team will be given a list of vendors and booth number to decide what they need and gather from vendors to use to perform a successful treatment on their model. Remember must be back in 15 minutes! (15 minutes)
  6. Each Team has 50 minutes to complete their facial (50 minutes)
  7. Each Team explains their treatment and answers questions from Judges (10 minutes per team. 50 minutes total) -This happens while the treatments are being performed.
  8. Contestants will have 5 minutes to explain treatment, results, homecare etc. (25 minutes)
  9. Q & A with the audience while the judges are selecting the winning team – Audience win prizes! Audience can redeem the coupon for prize by taking the coupon to the vendor on the floor (10 minutes)
  10. Judges turn in their scores (10 minutes)
  11. Announce winners (10 minutes)
  12. Prizes and trophies to be given out to winners. (10 minutes
Kendra Villarreal and Katherine Bocanegra - Winners 2023


  1. Classroom with 50-100 audience members
  2. Contestants will acquire or borrow desired products and equipment from a list of The Skin Games and MedSpa Distributor vendors at the conference. Time limit of 20 minutes on the trade show floor to acquire your needed supplies to perform your service. Must arrive back on time or a penalty will apply. Can not go back and acquire more products or items once the 20 minutes time has expired.
  3. Five stations with treatment beds and common area.
  4. Masters of ceremonies
  5. Three Judges
  6. Five teams of 2 Master Estheticians
  7. Five Models with skin problems


Kris Campbell

Hale & Hush

Jessica Cooley

Skin Wand Pro

Alison O'Neil

Truth Serums


Jo Ann Irwin Diaz

IECSC Florida Winner

Elizabeth Mackenzie

IECSC Florida Winner

Taylor Rebagliati

Louisianna Conference Winner

Brooke Kennedy

IECSC Vegas Winner

Alma Valladares

IECSC Vegas Winner

Davianne Beepot

IECSC Vegas Winner

Britanie Johnson

IECSC Vegas Winner

Abby Alnatsheh

Abby Alnatsheh

IECSC Florida Winner

Alix Toepel

IECSC Florida Winner

Lana Soy

Louisianna Conference Winner

Stephanie Romero

Louisianna Conference Winner

Traci Streva

Louisianna Conference Winner

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