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Check out all the popular questions we get and what the answers are.

When will my entry show up on the Players Page?
After all the information is submitted, allow 1-3 days.

Can I use more than one skin care line?
This competition is ALL about the esthetician and the results that they can get to WIN. We strongly recommend thinking “outside the box” to get the best result. Sometimes you have to mix it up to get the best results and that means using a variety of products and modalities.

Can the video diaries be submitted all at once or do they have to be submitted the week they are filmed?
Yes, you can upload all your videos at once.
The rule is, all videos, photos and forms (anything to do with your study) must be uploaded by January 15, 2024. We strongly recommend getting your videos in as you complete them so that you get more exposure.

Can I enter if I am not a U.S. Citizen?
Yes you can!! It is an international competition.

What if I mess up or want to start over?
We highly stress that you work through your mistakes. No one is perfect and we would love to see how the professional is able to learn and get through unexpected results. But if you must start over, you will need to contact us to make the changes.

Will I be able to edit my information?
Information can be edited. You will need to contact us for assistance at: info@theskingames.com

Can I enter with another Esthetician as a team?
There will be only one esthetician per registration. If the esthetician decides to get help from other individuals, they must disclose this in their video diaries.

Can I enter in all of the categories?
Yes, you can enter in as many categories that you want. You will need to register separately for each category and pay a separate fee for each category.

What if I cannot make the Live Show?
Registrants that make the final cut for the Live Show must be present to win.

Do I have to submit all 8 videos if I do not see my model every week?
Yes. If you don’t see your client you should submit a video of yourself checking in and explaining what you are doing.

How long should each of my video diaries be?
Each registrant will provide 8 separate video entries (1 each week) no more than two minutes in duration.

Is there a list of modalities that I must use?
This is entirely up to the esthetician; however, each contestant must abide by the laws governing the state or country in which they practice.

Can I get help from any of your sponsors or from companies that I currently use in my treatments?
Absolutely!!! We encourage you to network with any or all of our sponsors. All of our sponsors welcome
your calls and are happy to help you with education, consulting and sometimes even products and modalities.
Please reach out and network!!!

What if I do not have a recording device?
The video diaries do not have to be professional quality. They are to be used as “check ins” of progress. You can use your phone or have a friend help shoot the video.

Can I use any number of products and modalities to produce the final result of my model?
Absolutely!! As long as you follow your scope of practice.

Can I compete if I have a cosmetologist license?
Of course!

What if I do not have a photo ID?
Everyone should have a photo ID of some kind. If there is a good reason why you do not have a photo ID please contact info@theskingames.com.

If I am selected for the Live Show, when will it be?
March 14-17, 2024

What if I do not have a website or social media?
You are not required to use social media or a website. We strongly recommend the use of social media and website because we want to help promote your business. If you need help in this area, please contact: info@theskingames.com

If I submit all 8 video diaries, when will I know if I’m being considered for the show?
The finalist will be announced by the end of January 2024.

Can I use modalities and product names in my VIDEO SUBMISSION?
Yes you can but we are more concerned with the ingredients rather then brands. Show us what  you know about the skin!

How can I cancel my entry?
The registration is non-refundable and non-transferable. If you choose to cancel your player link, please contact info@theskingames.com

Can I delete my video diaries?
Yes. Please contact info@theskingames.com

I need to change my information that I submitted. How can I do that?
Please contact info@theskingames.com

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