Check out all the popular questions we get and what the answers are.

Do I need to do a case study?

This depends on the categories you are registered for. All Skin and PMU categories require a case study and video submissions depicting progress over a number of weeks. For waxing, sugaring, lash lift, brow lamination  and massage, you simply show up at our event and perform live in person in front of an audience and judges panel. We highly recommend you turn in a brief intro video however, so that we can increase the amount of exposure you get! This will be posted on our YouTube and other social media platforms.

Where do I find the rules for the competitions?

Be sure to review and fully understand the rules for each category that you register for.

Skin category rules

Wax category rules

Sugar category rules

PMU category rules

Lash Lift category rules

Brow Lamination category rules 

Massage competition rules

Compassion category rules

Do I bring a model and products if I am performing live at the event?

Most players bring a model (friend, client, family member, etc) to TSG. This can help on costs for you if you’re splitting a room. It also reduces stress, because you won’t need to worry about finding a model at the event. You should bring any and all products you’re comfortable using. There will be limited supplies available at TSG and all of our sponsors will be present to sell you products as well.

What exactly is The Skin Games?

The Skin Games is the biggest and most unique international skincare event in the esthetics industry. We combine top of the line educational opportunities, an intimate vendor fair, exciting competition, prestigious awards show, networking opportunities, and fun/entertainment over the course of a weekend once per year! We offer dozens of awards and thousands of dollars in cash prizes to winners at the event. We are in our 9th year and our event is regarded as one with an extremely high level of integrity and notoriety. The Skin Games is a one-of-a-kind experience for esthetics professionals.

What are the cash prizes?

The cash prizes go to our “Of the Year” winners and are based on highest combined point totals.

“Esthetician of the Year” = $10,000 and is the highest point total of 3 Skin categories
“Waxer of the Year” = $5,000 and is the highest point total of all 3 waxing categories
“Sugaring Artist of the Year” = $2,000 and is the highest point total of all 3 Sugaring categories
PMU, Lash Lift, Brow Lamination and Massage = $500 cash prizes to the highest score in each category
Compassion Category prizes depend on the amount of money we raise each year and vary.

Who can attend The Skin Games?

Anybody can attend. However most of our attendees are skincare professionals from all over the world. There are ticket options for just the event, event and dinner, students, etc and can be purchased through our website.

When will my entry show up on the Players Page?

After all the information is submitted, allow 1-3 days.

Can I use more than one skin care line?

This competition is ALL about the esthetician and the results that they can get to WIN. We strongly recommend thinking “outside the box” to get the best result. Sometimes you have to mix it up to get the best results and that means using a variety of products and modalities.

Can the video diaries be submitted all at once or do they have to be submitted the week they are filmed?

Yes, you can upload all your videos at once.
The rule is, all videos, photos and forms (anything to do with your study) must be uploaded by January 15, 2025. We strongly recommend getting your videos in as you complete them so that you get more social media exposure.

Can I enter if I am not a U.S. Citizen?

Yes you can!! It is an international competition.

What if I mess up or want to start over?

We highly stress that you work through your mistakes. No one is perfect and we would love to see how the professional is able to learn and get through unexpected results. But if you must start over, you will need to contact us to make the changes.

Will I be able to edit my information?

Information can be edited. You will need to contact us for assistance at:

Can I enter with another Esthetician as a team?

There will be only one esthetician per registration. If the esthetician decides to get help from other individuals, they must disclose this in their video diaries.

Can I enter in all of the categories?

Yes, you can enter in as many categories that you want. You will need to register separately for each category and pay a separate fee for each category.

What if I cannot make the Live Show?

Registrants that make the final cut for the Live Show must be present to win.

Do I have to submit all 8 videos if I do not see my model every week?

Yes. If you don’t see your client you should submit a video of yourself checking in and explaining what you are doing.

How long should each of my video diaries be?

Each registrant will provide 8 separate video entries, no more than two minutes in duration.

Is there a list of modalities that I must use?

This is entirely up to the esthetician; however, each contestant must abide by the laws governing the state or country in which they practice.

Can I get help from any of your sponsors or from companies that I currently use in my treatments?

Absolutely!!! We encourage you to network with any or all of our sponsors. All of our sponsors welcome
your calls and are happy to help you with education, consulting and sometimes even products and modalities.
Please reach out and network!!!

What if I do not have a recording device?

The video diaries do not have to be professional quality. They are to be used as “check ins” of progress. You can use your phone or have a friend help shoot the video.

Can I use any number of products and modalities to produce the final result of my model?

Absolutely!! As long as you follow your scope of practice.

Can I compete if I have a cosmetologist license?

Of course!

What if I do not have a photo ID?

Everyone should have a photo ID of some kind. If there is a good reason why you do not have a photo ID please contact

If I am selected for the Live Show, when will it be?

March 6-9, 2025

What if I do not have a website or social media?

You are not required to use social media or a website. We strongly recommend the use of social media and website because we want to help promote your business. If you need help in this area, please contact:

If I submit all 8 video diaries, when will I know if I’m being considered for the show?

The finalist will be announced by the end of January 2025.

What are the submission requirements for the 8 videos, please refer to the rules for specifics?

Video 1
Model must be present in the video.
Must include an introduction of your model.
Include a brief discussion of the skin condition you are treating.
Videos 2-7, in any order:
A demonstration of at least 2 weekly treatments being performed on the model must be included in 2 separate videos.
A discussion about performance ingredients must be included in 1 video.
A discussion about modalities and protocols must be included in 1 video.
Open topic discussion for 2 separate videos.
Video 8
Model must be present in the video.
Include a summary of your case study.
Include discussion of how you achieved your results.

Can I use modalities and product names in my VIDEO SUBMISSION?

Absolutely! Everyone wants to know how you get those results! The product lines love for you to shout out their brands.

When and if you go through the judge interviews, remember that they are more concerned with the ingredients rather than brands. Show them what you know about the skin!

How can I cancel my entry?

The registration is non-refundable and non-transferable. If you choose to cancel your player link, please contact

Can I delete my video diaries?

Yes. Please contact

I need to change my information that I submitted. How can I do that?

Please contact