UK Talent Wins Big on the Global Stage: Aggie Singh Named The Skin Game’s Esthetician of the Year


Making her highly-anticipated US debut, UK esthetician Aggie Singh impressed judges at The Skin Game with her innovative case study approach.

“Seeing competitions showcase our field’s powerful impact and offer recognition drove me to compete internationally,” says Aggie.

Her winning case focused on a model suffering from overuse of certain products, leaving skin compromised. Through consultation, Aggie identified both surface and lifestyle factors needing addressed.

“The challenge was treating abnormalities while conveying proper homecare’s importance,” she explains.

By event’s end, the model emerged transformed – losing weight and changing jobs – proving skincare’s holistic wellness benefits.

Aggie’s passion originated from witnessing her mother’s struggles with an incurable condition as a child. She defines success as fulfillment from client progress and industry contributions. Collaboration, allowing combined expertise to amplify outcomes, is also key.

Now title in hand, Aggie plans to write a book detailing her investigative consultation methods, launch an online certification course, and increase public speaking globally. She also aims to partner with professionals overseas and continue exploring innovations like stem cells and exosomes.

Motivated through goal-setting and continual education, Aggie looks toward expanding her reach and specializing further. She stays informed on trends through magazines, shows, and seminars.

With dedication to constant learning and connecting others, Aggie’s client-centric, holistic views are sure to enlighten and inspire the international community for years to come. Her investigative nature and collaborative spirit have paved an impressive path on the global esthetics stage.

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