Unlocking the Secrets of Gua Sha: A Comprehensive Guide for Licensed Professionals

Welcome to our blog, this week we will dive deep into the world of Gua Sha and explore its incredible potential for licensed professionals. Gua Sha, an ancient healing technique rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, has gained significant popularity in recent years due to its holistic benefits and ability to enhance therapeutic treatments. In this […]

Get to Know Jacie from Designs for Vision

I wanted to introduce you to Jacie Eber, the Manager of the Health and Beauty Industry at Designs for Vision. Designs for Vision is the world leader in customized magnification, and Jacie is passionate about helping beauty professionals discover how loupes can improve their work. I sat down with Jacie to learn more about her […]

The Skin Boss Mastermind: A Thrilling Esthetician Competition

The Skin Games, a renowned platform for estheticians, has introduced an exciting event called the Skin Boss Mastermind. Inspired by the popular television show “Cake Boss,” this competition brings together estheticians from across the United States to showcase their skills, creativity, and expertise in the field of skincare. With a unique twist, estheticians are paired […]

Meet our community.

We had great conversation on The Skin Games Esthetician Forum here are some highlights from last week: Hello— Michelle from Rhode Island- finalist in holistic skin care in 2018. I had a wonderful time being involved with and during my time at the skin games in 2018. I met so many wonderful people and it […]

Embracing Authenticity: Tackling Imposter Syndrome in the Esthetician Community

Let’s discuss Imposter Syndrome, a topic that will be the focus of our upcoming newsletter. I invite you to contribute to this post and have a chance to be featured in the next TSG Blog. Imposter Syndrome is a persistent feeling of undeserved success or doubting one’s abilities and accomplishments. As I connect with countless […]

Where Dreams Become Reality: The Power of The Skin Games

This week, Stephen and I had an incredible experience at the Atlanta School of Massage. We had the privilege of meeting a class of motivated esthetician students and sharing our journey with The Skin Games. As we spoke about how this competition has transformed our lives and the lives of countless competitors, we felt a […]

The 2022 winners of The Skin Games Compassion Category

The 2022 winners of The Skin Games Compassion Category are an inspiration to us all. Let’s take a closer look at some of the winners and how they are making a difference in their communities: These winners truly embody the spirit of the Compassion Category and are making a tremendous impact in their communities. Their […]

Surviving and Thriving as an Esthetician Long Term

When I first became an esthetician, I had stars in my eyes and big dreams of making a real difference in people’s lives through skincare treatments. However, I soon learned that many estheticians only last about three years in the career before moving on. Clients can be challenging, the workload is high, and the work […]

Pursuing Passion: Jarratt Haviland’s Path to Success with Keko Botanicals

Jarratt Haviland began her esthetics journey after working in nutrition research left her unfulfilled. A friend gave her the opportunity to work at her salon’s reception desk while figuring out her next step. There, Jarratt accidentally fell in love with the beauty industry and never looked back. Her career started in cosmetology, offering hair and […]

How to Grow Your Esthetics Business

Taylor Rebagliati, also known as The Good Esthetician, recently asked a very important question in one of our Facebook Groups, The Skin Games Esthetician Forum. She asked “What’s something you wished you knew when you were starting out in the industry? What advice do you have for newbies who are trying to get established in […]