10 Estheticians Talk About How They Conquer Burnout.

10 Estheticians Talk About How They Conquer Burnout

In the fast-paced world of esthetics, burnout can be a real challenge. However, we reached out to ten experienced estheticians who have successfully conquered burnout and asked them to share their invaluable insights.

From self-care practices to professional strategies, these experts reveal their secrets to maintaining passion, finding balance, and rejuvenating their careers.

Join us as we dive into their stories and gather inspiration for conquering burnout in the esthetics industry.

Lola Hodges

It depends on whether the stress is from clients or just your daily working schedule if you get interrupted…or anything else.

Been there! As professionals, we can put some standards in place for our clients that they will respect. Believe me, it’s working! No more jumping through hoops for every request or demand.

There are rules, and your schedule should be respected. Simple.

It’s important to take time off. Keeping the balance means you need to be a little selfish, yes, it’s true. But you’ll bounce back in no time.

We all have our moments…it’s okay.

Angel Marie Flener

I’d say, “Reinvent” yourself. It could be as easy as applying new paint or choosing a new color scheme and rearranging your treatment area. Maybe try using Lemongrass to scent towels instead of Lavender, rotate through your scrubs or work clothes, and replace anything that has faded with vibrant options (yes, it works for black, 😆). Finding a school that allows you to participate in career day to share your enthusiasm or seeking meetups with fellow aestheticians can be fun. I am working on a new treatment menu with some treatments I developed after recently completing some continuing education (I was bored). Additionally, you could consider attending aesthetician shows, piggybacking on Lola’s suggestion. I’m planning on visiting my aesthetician besties in Texas and Reno this summer!

Complacency is indeed a thief and a depressant! If all else fails, taking some time off and going to Hawaii can be a great way to recharge. Of course, Vitamin Sea is always good! (Just kidding)

Jarratt Haviland

If you’ve been in business for a while, ideally you have the clientele to either:

1) consolidate your schedule for more time off to be intentional with your “you time,” or

2) expand and allow an employee or 1099 to takeover some clientele to give you more freedom.

I’m just realizing as I’m typing this that maybe you mean people like me too, who aren’t in the treatment room at all anymore 😂. If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, you need to change it up! Identify what is making you feel burnt out and figure out if it’s something you can delegate or change.

Amber Franklin

After 20 years in this industry, I’ve had a few instances of this. After I had my children I was really feeling stuck so I stopped doing facials and focused on services that had more instant gratification and were often shorter. Continuing education is also always motivating for me, even if I don’t end up adding new services to my menu. Esthetic conferences also always give me a boost and inspire me to update, and or make changes. Honestly, this year being at the Skin Games really made me want to up my game and improve the education I offer and get out there more. I also work with a lot of new esth’is and they are often so enthusiastic it’s difficult to be tired and jaded around them.

Michael Ortiz

First, you have to take care of yourself first. Most service providers don’t get worked on regularly. I highly recommend getting massages at least every other week to stay feeling good.

Second, exercise and eat well. Your energy is so important.

Third, make sure you are working towards filling up your schedule with people you look forward to seeing. If your schedule is full of people you’re dreading, you will always feel exhausted.

Lastly, learn something new at least 1-2 times a year.

Stacey Walsh

Schedule a day off when you’d normally be working and just do things you want to do!
Put firm boundaries in place around time off and do not take calls or return messages during off hours.
Taking a class usually refreshes my interest and gets me excited for work again.

Stephanie Butler

More than just “taking a vacation,” have trips to look forward to, even if it’s just a 3-day weekend. Personally, I plan my whole year, sometimes even the following year. I block off all of my vacations, kids’ days off from school, etc., so I know what I have to look forward to. This also motivates me to hustle when I’m working because then I feel like all that hard work paid off.

I also agree with Angel Marie Flener and the idea of switching things up. Something as simple as getting a new tool, changing the decor, or adjusting the lighting in your room can make a difference. I think of my treatment room as my second home, and like most people who change their home decor seasonally, I do the same in my treatment room. It adds a sense of freshness and excitement.

Debra Powell Adkins

Sometimes I think it’s a matter of boredom. I believe it’s important to challenge yourself by learning and trying new things. If what you are currently doing no longer “lights you up,” it’s time to challenge yourself in a new way. Keep things exciting and push yourself to try new things, even if it scares you! Getting involved in The Skin Games is a great example of this.

Melissa Jannes

Creating true connections with your clients helps. My appointments feel like a friend visiting rather than work.

Darnell K. Wise

I agree with The Zen Lounge & Institute for Higher Learning: taking a vacation once a quarter, if possible, or every other quarter is a great idea. Remember, as a service provider, you take on a lot from your clients every day, and it’s important to cleanse yourself of those toxins. These are just my thoughts on the matter.

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