Procell Therapies Ups the Ante by 50K for TSG Competitors Who Place Using Their Device


As estheticians prepare for the highly anticipated Skin Games competition this March in Buckhead, Ga, sponsor Procell Therapies is taking skincare revolution to new levels. I sat down with representative Carole DeZarn to discuss the breakthroughs Procell is bringing to treatments through microchanneling technology and their support of innovative events like Skin Games.

Carole fell in love with Procell after being impressed by clinical results at a conference. “The technique and reduced downtime sold me,” she recalls. Now a representative, Carole appreciates Procell’s family values as an esteemed industry leader. Founded by Dr. Mitchell Schwartz to improve outdated tools, Procell devices are engineered to achieve laser-like results with minimal irritation through stamping microchannels.

On the benefits of microchanneling, Carole affirms it stimulates collagen through controlled injury. With Procell’s cutting-edge devices, estheticians can expect seamless integration and rapid healing times. As the standard, it allows personalized protocol customization. Procell’s extensive training equips practitioners to stay on the forefront as skincare evolves through new collaborations and modalities.

Most excitingly, as the Diamond sponsor of Skin Games 2022 from March 14-17, Procell Therapies is raising the stakes for competitors. Players achieving the highest scores utilizing Procell devices will receive massive prizes up to $50,000 in revenue value for first place. Second receives up to $30,000 and third $15,000, motivating all to showcase their skills.

With esthetic rockstars like Shaidy Alicea Davila, Yarra Fong, Danielle Janicki, Tammy Sweet, and Jenna Kapitan slated to compete, Skin Games is primed to elevate skincare. Through forward-thinking support and technologies, Procell Therapies continues revolutionizing treatments for estheticians and clients alike. With stakes this high we are sure to see a surplus of new players submitting case studies as the January 15th deadline approaches.

To connect with Carole DeZarn or to learn more about Procell Therapies please see the information below. They are always looking for representatives and distributors.

Carole DeZarn
International Corporate Trainer
Procell Therapies
IG @caroledezarn

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