Driven by Passion: Michele’s Journey to Competition Success

Michele's Journey to Competition Success

When it comes to esthetics, Michele is a true artist – crafting beauty through dedication, skill and years of honing her techniques. From her start in nails over three decades ago to owning her own boutique and rising to the top of her field, her journey exemplifies finding purpose through constant improvement.

Originally from Orange, CT, Michele first fell in love with waxing after transitioning from nails. “I wanted to expand my skills and knew waxing was a great next step,” she shares. Training at European Wax Center grounded her experience before opening Bella Rose Beauty. There, she broadened her services to include PMU brows – deepening her expertise.

Michele’s competitive spirit emerged when she first entered The Skin Games three years past. “I was curious how I measured up and wanted to challenge myself,” she says. While nerves struck that debut year, Michele found the thrill too exciting to pass up. Her passion only grew upon discovering the learning opportunities competition provides.

Each year, Michele analyzes her performance with an eye for growth. “Education is so important. I take classes traveling across the country to continually improve,” she notes. Her dedication to honing lesser areas paid off immensely last season. Michele earned Waxer of the Year honors alongside wins in PMU brows – a crowning achievement.

Beyond victories, Michele sees competition as pushing boundaries. “It helps me come out of my shell and try new things I otherwise may not have,” she beams. For new contestants, her advice is to relax and immerse yourself in the experience over outcomes. “Have fun and don’t be too hard on yourself – that’s how you’ll perform your best,” Michele encourages.

When not serving clients, Michele makes time for education and practicing new techniques. She also dedicates energy to her family – balancing career with nurturing relationships central to her success. Looking ahead, Michele aims to teach classes and achieve more categories at next year’s Skin Games.

Through resilience and passion, Michele has risen to esthetics’ heights. Her story inspires all to continuously grow through challenges in pursuing one’s art. Follow her on Instagram @bellarosebeautybymichele

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