Rising to the Top: In Conversation with Sade Harris, The Skin Game’s 2024 Sugarist of the Year


When esthetician Sade Harris saw her colleagues posting about their experiences competing in The Skin Games, she was immediately intrigued by the unique opportunity. As a specialist in body sugaring hair removal, she saw it as the perfect chance to showcase her skills on a big stage. “I considered it a 2 in 1 – I could experience something new while representing my area of expertise,” Sade tells us.

While many competitors spend months meticulously planning and practicing, Sade took a more carefree approach. “In full transparency, I didn’t prepare or train,” she admits. “I put some positive affirmations out there and let the chips fall where they may.” Her relaxed attitude belies her talent, as Sade would go on to claim the coveted title of Sugarist of the Year.

Among the challenges, control was one Sade had to relinquish. “I wanted to dictate everything, how people saw me, every outcome,” she shares. She overcame this by surrendering to the flow. “I had to trust the process and give myself grace as a newcomer.”

When her name was called as the winner, euphoria set in. “Holding that title and prize money was indescribable – one of my proudest moments!” says Sade. She hopes readers see her passion to empower others through her work. “This industry is always evolving, so there’s endless room for growth.”

For aspiring pros, Sade’s advice is to stay consistent. “Study, keep sharpening your skills, and don’t compare yourself to others. Your journey is uniquely yours.” As for the future, Sade is keeping her options open. Fans can catch up on her latest moves @trueprocessaesthetics_ on Instagram and TikTok. When asked about defending her title, Sade leaves us on a coy note: “You’ll just have to stay tuned to see what’s next!”

With her magnetic personality and skills to match, it’s clear Sade’s star continues to rise in the esthetics world. We can’t wait to see what she accomplishes next.

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