Esthetician Tiffany Underwood’s Inspiring Nonprofit Journey

Esthetician Tiffany Underwood's Inspiring Nonprofit Journey

For esthetician Tiffany Underwood, helping others has always been at the heart of her work. As the owner of SkinCo Medspa in Georgia, Tiffany is passionate about empowering clients to feel confident in their skin. But a few bumps in her own road inspired an even greater mission of service through her nonprofit Tiff Tiff’s Chemo Bags.

It was after years of battling acne herself that Tiffany was led to the field of esthetics, seeking to assist others in overcoming skin issues. “I wanted clients to relax and take time for themselves at SkinCo while learning from knowledgeable estheticians,” Tiffany shares. But when she was diagnosed with Hairy Cell Leukemia in school and underwent three months of chemotherapy, receiving a simple comfort bag made all the difference.

Just weeks after her own treatment ended, tragedy struck as Tiffany’s mother received a stage IV pancreatic cancer diagnosis as well. Sadly, she later passed away. But it solidified Tiffany’s drive to offer others the same moments of respite. “No one should feel alone during cancer,” she says. Thus Tiff Tiff’s Chemo Bags was born, providing resources and skin care tailored for chemo patients.

The challenges of developing such a nonprofit have surely been many, including navigating her mom’s cancer journey. But Tiffany persevered, especially through opportunities like The Skin Games. “It pushed me out of my shell to share my story,” Tiffany notes. Competing also expanded her education through exposure to new brands, products and modalities.

Such dedication was rightfully honored when Tiff Tiff’s Chemo Bags received The Skin Games Compassion Award—validation of Tiffany’s ability to touch lives even in her field’s highest circles. “This $5,000 will bring joy to so many,” Tiffany beams. Her humility is as apparent as her empathy; one meeting with a cancer patient in tears at the treatment center proves how dearly hearts hold her mission.

Now with a vision for even greater awareness and reach to more centers and patients, Tiffany’s passion shows no signs of waning. In her spare time, she recharges on the Georgia coast with her family. Readers can follow @_skin_co on Instagram or provide donations. Collaborations with other non-profits have also opened doors.

“Acts of kindness create ripple effects,” Tiffany notes. For all she continues to sacrifice in service of others through their most difficult days, Tiffany Underwood is an inspiration.

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