Esthetician vs Dermatologist: Who do you need?

Esthetician vs Dermatologist: Who do you need?

A lot of people can be so unsure as to who they should consult for their skin and this often makes them wonder between two professionals to choose from and as such the popular question becomes “Esthetician vs Dermatologist, who should I visit?”

To be honest, most times you ask such a question, the person you are asking will determine what your answer will be meaning, if you ask an Esthetician, they would say it is an Esthetician you should be seeing and if you do see a Dermatologist, they would apparently tell you that the best person for you to visit is a dermatologist based on how they are superior and what not.

At the end of the day though, what you need is results. Can your Esthetician or Dermatologist show you that they are well equipped with the knowledge, experience, and passion to help you reach your goal? Choosing an Esthetician based on the premise of educational background (which is the most fundamental difference between both practices) is like choosing a lawyer to defend your case in the court just because they finished in an Ivy Leagues school irrespective your their success rate when you have someone else who is well respected who is more likely to deliver your results based on their track record.

If you read our previous post on Who is an Esthetician, you would also see that we pointed out that the most fundamental difference between both professions is the educational path. While a dermatologist can use the Dr. title because they are from the medical line, Esthetician’s can’t.

One good thing to note however, is that most states define what treatments and modalities an Esthetician can perform and those that a Dermatologist can perform and, in some cases, both practices do need each other to get the best results.

You would often see that Estheticians have a Dermatologist that they work with based on referrals or some other form of partnership. So at the end, it’s not a war, it is a matter of what’s best for me and in most cases, you can get an answer by asking either professional to show you what comparable results they have gotten for your peculiar need.

We incredibly love what we do with The Skin Games as it has been a platform for Estheticians to show in a standard way what they can achieve in a period of eight weeks with their clients. This way you can tell that the most confident estheticians who have entered our competition and displayed their work can be trusted to achieve the results they have demonstrated using our platform.

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