Recap of The Skin Games 2023-24


Re-energizing, electric, and inspirational – these were just a few of the words used to describe this year’s The Skin Games event. The Skin Games is an international competition and four-day action-packed event. The Skin Games team worked tirelessly for a full year to make this 8th year the best ever. All the attendees, partners, sponsors, vendors, players, and judges matched that energy, and something truly incredible took place. Careers were defined and lives changed.

For those unfamiliar with The Skin Games (TSG), let me provide some context. As mentioned, it’s the world’s most prestigious competition for estheticians and beauty professionals with over 20 categories to compete in, cash prizes, and industry-wide recognition. It provides a level platform to display expertise, passion, and talent. The largest category is Skin, which includes nine subcategories. Professionals can compete in as many or as few categories as they wish, but those that compete in three or more categories have the opportunity to play for Esthetician of the Year title and $10,000. Any of the Skin categories require an eight-week case study documented in weekly two-minute videos, before and after pictures, and a written description of the home care and treatment. We have a panel of esteemed judges who review and score all entries. The top 10 in each category are invited to the yearly live event to interview and hopefully take home an award at the Red Carpet award show. Many of the other categories take place live at the event, including waxing, sugaring, makeup, massage, and PMU.

There’s still plenty of excitement for those who attend but don’t compete. The vendor fair is intimate, providing opportunities to make lasting connections with industry greats. There are panel discussions covering an array of controversial and exciting topics, advanced education, a social media workshop, and fun events like Spa Tank, Skin Boss Masterminds, and a send-off party. There’s truly something for everyone, but you really have to be there to experience it and truly grasp the excitement.

It’s a remarkable experience to be under the same roof as so many professionals who not only talk about their craft but exemplify it through their work. As I’ve gotten to know many of the players, I’ve learned about their hearts, trials, tribulations, and the challenges they overcome to complete a case study, compete, and have their craft analyzed. In my opinion, being under the same roof as so many bold, beautiful, and tenacious professionals is a win in itself. It provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to network with go-getters in the industry.

By the end of the event, at least 100 trophies were awarded and over $50,000 was given out. While these achievements are remarkable, the opportunity to be seen, network, and get inspired are somehow comparable in greatness. This event is truly like nothing else. Join us next year to experience it for yourself.

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