Barry Eichner to Host Unique Professional Makeup Challenge

Barry Eichner to Host Unique Professional Makeup Challenge

This is a guest post by Jenni Nagle of Lipgloss+Aftershave Philadelphia, PA August 2, 2017. The 2018 Professional Makeup Challenge, hosted by The Skin Games and Skin Inc. Face & Body has asked Barry Eichner to host the competition held in San Jose, California on August 27 and 28, 2017. “I am honored to take part […]

The Skin Games around the World

THE SKIN GAMES 2016-17 (April 8, 2017, San Ramon, California, USA) – Skincare professionals from around the world gathered at the San Ramon Marriott for the final round of THE SKIN GAMES second annual esthetics competition. The two day event included a professional skincare tradeshow, expert ingredient panel forum, and ended with an elegant awards […]

The Skin Games 2016 Live Show

The Skin Games 2016 Live Show

In an industry that dates back to the Greek and Roman Empires, it’s hard to reinvent the wheel when it comes to getting professionals together to collaborate and learn. Skincare trade shows and educational events have become the norm and no longer spice up the treatment rooms. THE SKIN GAMES shook that concept to the […]

Voting: A Social Media Focus

Woman votes on election day.

Our countdown to the VOTING process has begun!! On January 1, 2016, we will begin public voting for the People’s Choice category! Our players are REAL ESTHETICIANS! They have businesses and skills and clients, and our focus in this competition was to raise them out of their treatment rooms, grow their confidence in social media […]

The Live Show 2016

So you’ve been hearing about THE LIVE SHOW! You’ve probably seen a couple of my posts in The Skin Games Esthetician Forum on Facebook, too. Do you have your ticket to The Live Show yet? If you are still asking yourself, “What is The Live Show” or “Why do I need a ticket?”… Keep reading! Our […]

The Skin Games FAQs

When we launched the search and open call for Estheticians to enter The Skin Games nationwide in January 2015, we were inundated with questions, comments, and requests for advice. Many of you have had similar requests, so we thought an updated FAQs post would be valuable.  Not to mention, there is a lot of BUZZ about […]

Did You Know?

Since we launched The Skin Games in March 2015 we have tried to make it SUPER EASY for skincare professionals across the United States to enter the contest. Sometimes, for non-techie professionals, it can seem scary to have to video a client treatment. Don’t get scared. It’s simple, easy, and anyone who can push a record button […]

What Are The Skin Games?

This is a national competition open to all skincare professionals who want to compete against others in their field for prizes and the title of THE BEST SKINCARE PROFESSIONAL. The Skin Games was created when four beauty and skincare professionals got together and decided to create a platform to share esthetics skills in a fun manner. The skincare industry […]

Meet Cherie Callahan, The 1st Skin Games Contestant

Cherie Callahan of Place of Radiant Beauty has submitted her Video Diary #1. Notice how she discusses the date and shows the newspaper. This is an easy MUST HAVE to prove the date of your video and start of the competition. The video entries can be selfies or taped by a third party. They don’t […]

Let The Skin Games Begin!

A Groundbreaking esthetic contest invites skincare professionals to share success stories. The Skin Games, an international skincare competition, is inviting all skincare professionals to register now for the premiere contest. The high caliber panel of judges brings thousands of influential eyes to your business! To begin your journey in The Skin Games visit and register at […]