Holly Brown, Who are you?

Holly Brown

So you have seen a few blogs from me now and some of you are probably wondering who is this, what’s this chick all about? I am a licensed Esthetician and I run a nonprofit called Looking & Feeling FAB, Inc. where we offer free skin care, massage, manual lymphatic drainage and education to those with a history of cancer.

We are located in Massachusetts and we have been working with cancer patients exclusively for about 8 years. I have become proficient in the nonprofit world after writing and receiving approval for my nonprofit all by myself and building a successful nonprofit from the ground up, having no nonprofit experience.

What is the message here? You can do whatever you put your mind to. I have since gone on to write 3 additional nonprofits and have gotten 501(c)(3) approval for all 3. The other nonprofits are A New Daly Beginning in Georgia, offering cancer patients and caregivers free treatments, S.P.O.T.O.N. in the state of Washington, offering a supportive community for all those who have been Oncology Trained, and Wings to Health, Wellesley, MA specializing in alternative options of women’s health and offering it for little to no cost to those who otherwise would not have the ability to access safer alternatives.

I also sit on the Board of Directors of a nonprofit called Stop Healthcare Violence that offers support services to nurses who are attacked on the job. Needless to say I have learned a ton about nonprofits, so if you are thinking of starting one and want to know what it entails, I’m your girl. Feel free to reach out to holly@lookfeelfab.org.

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