What’s the deal with The Skin Games written Case Study?

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Filling out the written part of your case study can be a daunting task. Trust me, I was so overwhelmed filing out mine. I mean, we do so much during treatment and for home care, right?

Your written case study and before/after photos are evaluated by TSG Judges in order to select the top 10 finalists. The submissions are judged without your or your model’s name on them. This is done in order to impartially evaluate each TSG Player’s work. If you want to make it to the Top 10, your study needs to stand out above the rest.

The purpose of the written case study is to showcase your understanding of the skin condition, skin type, goals, equipment used, special techniques, in-clinic treatments and home care protocols created for your model. The judges need to understand the WHAT and WHY behind your selections.

Skin conditions, goals, special techniques, double cleanse, tone, enzyme/peel, extract, mask…
It’s a lot of information and detail. Keeping these details concise and to the point will help you organize your written case study. The judges look for your understanding of why you choose the ingredients, techniques, esthetic equipment, etc. for your 8 week study. It is vital to list the top 2-3 performance ingredients and the impact they have on the skin, rather than the brand name of the product. The same goes for any of the equipment or special techniques you use, list what these things do, not just the name of them. Use the written case study to showcase your understanding of what these products and modalities do for the skin.

Making sure every section is filled out with detail is key to a stellar case study. Avoid phrases like “same as last week” or “no change” – every treatment is different, be sure to list those details. Every week has a goal, explain in a couple of sentences what your in-clinic treatment will do for your model’s skin condition.

Keep the details fresh by taking notes during your model’s treatment, write a draft for each week to make sure what you want to submit makes sense, then fill out your online form completely. Be sure to proofread before hitting the submit button!

I know you won’t regret competing in The Skin Games 2022. Doing so will help you showcase your knowledge as a skin care expert, stand out as a professional, and elevate your career. GAME ON!

Check out the online form here: https://www.theskingames.com/players-case-study/

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