Voting: A Social Media Focus

Woman votes on election day.

Our countdown to the VOTING process has begun!! On January 1, 2016, we will begin public voting for the People’s Choice category! Our players are REAL ESTHETICIANS! They have businesses and skills and clients, and our focus in this competition was to raise them out of their treatment rooms, grow their confidence in social media marketing, and gather new clients in their area– this VOTING process is an integral part of that goal!

Share our player page beginning 1/1/16 so that your fans can vote for you. Each player can be voted for once per day, per category. Voting & Views will be gathered to decide the winner of People’s Choice which will be announced April 23, 2016, at the RED CARPET AWARD CEREMONY in San Ramon, California at the luxurious Marriott Hotel.

Now we focus on getting the attention of the public eye. Reaching the men, women, and teenagers searching google and bing for “Acne Experts” or “Get rid of my dark spots” or “skin care expert near me” … Let’s share, connect, and GROW!!!

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