10 Spa Training + Education Options

Spa Training + Education Options

Did you know that at this very moment, there are scientists in labs working on advancements in cosmeceutical ingredients, laser and LED technology?  You can’t know everything because it’s not done being made.. Stay open to learning, no matter if you have 2 months of experience or 20 years. The humility of being teachable is […]

Skin Fairy Clinic CEO, Carmen Anuriw, featured in Skin Inc Magazine

Carmen Anuriw, CEO of Skin Fairy Clinic

In April of 2017, Carmen Anuriw, CEO if Skin Fairy Clinic went home with three awards, First Place in Acne, Game Changer Award and Player of the Year Award, at The Skin Games 2017. A year prior to TSG 2017, Carmen won the “Western Australia Therapist of the Year” award by Danne M. King of DMK […]

Emcee for The Skin Games 2019 Make Up Challenge Announced

Emcee for The Skin Games 2019 Make Up Challenge

The emcee for The Skin Games Make Up Challenge and The Skin Games Awards Ceremony happening in Las Vegas in June 2019 has been announced. Barry Eichner, Co-Founder, and Blogger at Lipgloss + Aftershave will serve as the emcee for 2 qualifying heats of The Skin Games Makeup Challenges throughout the country at the Face & […]

Winners for The Skin Games T-Shirt Pose Challenge Announced

The Skin Games organized a T-Shirt pose Challenge where we called out to all past players of The Skin Games to strike a pose with their TSG tees and winners will be announced. The mini-competition was a success and we have our three winners: Melissa Bivelacque Shirley Avila Shanon Piano We wish each one of […]

Barry Eichner to Host Unique Professional Makeup Challenge

Barry Eichner to Host Unique Professional Makeup Challenge

This is a guest post by Jenni Nagle of Lipgloss+Aftershave Philadelphia, PA August 2, 2017. The 2018 Professional Makeup Challenge, hosted by The Skin Games and Skin Inc. Face & Body has asked Barry Eichner to host the competition held in San Jose, California on August 27 and 28, 2017. “I am honored to take part […]

The Skin Games around the World

THE SKIN GAMES 2016-17 (April 8, 2017, San Ramon, California, USA) – Skincare professionals from around the world gathered at the San Ramon Marriott for the final round of THE SKIN GAMES second annual esthetics competition. The two day event included a professional skincare tradeshow, expert ingredient panel forum, and ended with an elegant awards […]

Success Breeds Success

This is a Guest Post from #TheSkinGames2017 Sponsor, President of Face Reality Acne Clinic, Patrick Romani. Perhaps the one thing that keeps your business from developing a great reputation and flourishing, is that you are failing at getting and keeping your acne clients clear. Your clients, for the most part, may truly be happy with your […]

The Skin Games 2016 Live Show

The Skin Games 2016 Live Show

In an industry that dates back to the Greek and Roman Empires, it’s hard to reinvent the wheel when it comes to getting professionals together to collaborate and learn. Skincare trade shows and educational events have become the norm and no longer spice up the treatment rooms. THE SKIN GAMES shook that concept to the […]

Voting: A Social Media Focus

Voting: A Social Media Focus

Our countdown to the VOTING process has begun!! On January 1, 2016, we will begin public voting for the People’s Choice category! Our players are REAL ESTHETICIANS! They have businesses and skills and clients, and our focus in this competition was to raise them out of their treatment rooms, grow their confidence in social media […]