Estheticians Discuss National Skincare Awareness Month


National Skincare Awareness Month is the perfect time to highlight both the importance of skin health and the valuable role that estheticians play in empowering self-confidence. When I recently asked members of The Skin Games Esthetician Forum how this awareness month could help promote skincare, I received such insightful and inspiring responses.

Estheticians from across the country shared thoughtful perspectives on using this opportunity to educate clients on skincare best practices, debunk common myths, and underscore how dedicated skincare professionals can help clients feel beautiful in their own skin.

I am excited to share some of the most compelling answers from estheticians genuinely passionate about their work of transforming not just faces but lives. I hope you find their words as motivating and illuminating as I did.

Karma Fouch RN, BSN, LE

In a world that promotes superficiality in appearance – resulting in quick coverups and hiding behind heavy makeup, many people are clueless as to what little effort is required to actually take great care of their skin! As estheticians, we are in an excellent position to debunk myths that great skincare is complicated. Providing smart tools and digestible education can help clients to feel empowered to actually fix their skin concerns and come from behind the makeup.

Viktorya Dadyan-Nekrasov

I’d bring attention of importance of skincare for more than just a face from chin up! As I’d like to tell my clients: “your face ends at your nipples” so that they don’t forget to take equal care of their necks and décolleté
Another thing I tell my clients is that the healthy and youthful appearance of their faces begins at their backs! Correct posture can prevents premature wriggles and sagging, promotes correct blood circulation and so much more!
I’ll be doing an IG live on this subject together with my chiropractor soon.

Sarah Herbst

National Skincare Awareness month is an excellent opportunity for Estheticians to promote their services as necessary self-care treatments for health and wellness rather than luxury items to splurge on when it’s affordable (or simply convenient).

It is hard for our clients to find time to take care of their health with busy schedules, families, and work-life balance, but skin health can and should be a priority!

Estheticians are as necessary as any other appointment being packed into our lives- and we come with support, kindness, compassion, and a priceless confidence boost!

Genice Gonzales

I think skin care awareness is needed not only because it aids in better mental health, but it can also help you learn about your body and maybe even some medical care that needs attention.

So many times we see things in skin that need a MD consult and clients would never know, thinking the dark spots or inflammation was just a “facial service” type of deal. Skin care aids in physical health, mental health, and allowing our clients to perform at 110% confidence in their day to day lives.

Laney Beall Tepes

I personally love to take the approach that I am your skins personal trainer! Good skin care practices happen from internal health. I’ve come in contact with so many people who ignore the basics of skin care, and that is drinking lots of water, eating healthy food that aid in your body’s ability to detox all the free radicals and toxins that we come in contact with on a daily basis.

You can have all the right products for your skin, but if you’re not practicing healthy internal habits it can slow down or lessen your end goal for your skin. Education plays a huge role in building client confidence in you as a service provider as well as once they start seeing the results it definitely helps their confidence and allows them to feel better in their body.

Britanie Johnson LE

National Skincare Awareness Month plays a crucial role in raising awareness about the importance of skincare and the role of estheticians in promoting skin health and self-confidence in several ways:

Education: It provides an opportunity to educate the public about the fundamentals of skincare, such as the importance of a daily skincare routine, sun protection, and the use of quality skincare products. Many people may not be aware of these essential practices until they are highlighted during this month.

Skin Health Awareness: It helps individuals recognize the importance of maintaining healthy skin, not only for cosmetic reasons but also for overall well-being. This awareness can lead to more people seeking professional advice for their skin concerns.

Promotion of Professional Services: National Skincare Awareness Month brings attention to the expertise of estheticians and their role in assessing and addressing various skin issues. This can encourage individuals to consult with estheticians for personalized skincare solutions.

Boosting Self-Confidence: Skincare awareness can directly impact self-confidence. When people feel good about the health and appearance of their skin, it can positively affect their self-esteem. Estheticians contribute significantly to this by offering treatments and advice tailored to individuals’ unique needs.

Prevention: It emphasizes the importance of prevention when it comes to skin health. Raising awareness about skincare can encourage people to take proactive measures to prevent skin issues, such as premature aging or skin diseases.

Product Knowledge: During this month, people may gain a better understanding of skincare products, their ingredients, and how to choose products suitable for their skin type. This knowledge can help them make informed decisions about their skincare routines.

Community Engagement: National Skincare Awareness Month often involves community events, workshops, and campaigns that engage people in discussions about skincare. This sense of community can foster a supportive environment for individuals looking to improve their skin health.
All in all, National Skincare Awareness Month serves as a platform to inform, empower, and inspire individuals to prioritize their skin health and seek the expertise of estheticians. It plays a vital role in promoting both physical and emotional well-being through skincare education and awareness.

Holly D’Allessandro Brown

I feel that SkinCare awareness month can also highlight things that Estheticians can do beyond facials. I believe it should also highlight that it includes medically necessity help as well as contributing to our overall good health and well-being.

A lot of people don’t realize that the skin is affected by chemicals in products, medications, what you eat, specific illnesses etc.

Steiga Hewitt

Absolutely! National Skincare Awareness Month is a great opportunity to highlight the significance of skincare and the valuable role that estheticians play in promoting skin health and self-confidence. It’s a time to raise awareness about the importance of a consistent skincare routine, sun protection, and overall skin wellness.

By emphasizing the benefits of professional skincare treatments and educating people about proper skincare practices, we can encourage individuals to prioritize their skin health and enhance their self-esteem.

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