Meet Bree Mesquit! The Original Custom Wax Pad creator

Bree Mesquit Blog Cover

We are super excited to have “The Original Custom Wax Pad and SMA” creator, devoted esthetician entrepreneur, and dedicated mother/wife from Central Oregon, Bree Mesquit with us as a judge this year at The Skin Games!

We had an opportunity to talk with Bree about who she is, why she loves the industry and what kind of obstacles she overcame in her skincare journey.

I started to gain an interest in the aesthetic industry when I was working for a skin care company alongside my grandmother. I thought it would be so much fun to actually be able to use the products and to be able to learn about the skin and provide facials. I originally started school in order to provide facials which my first job was at a day spa out of school and I loved giving facials. I started playing around with hair removal while doing sugaring and using soft wax and then I was contacted by the local European Wax Center. I was referred by a teacher from my school. They thought I was a good fit, so I went to interview and liked what I heard and wanted to learn more about hard waxing. European wax center is where I truly fell in love with waxing and quickly became a red level waxer. Then I started training new hires. I’ve always had a passion for teaching but truly feel in love with training at that point.”

In talking about her favorite products, she said:

My personal favorite product that we sell is definitely our wax pads with rubber wax coming in a close second. When I went out on my own, I was using a polymer wax pad made by another company and saw some improvements that could be made in order to better serve the waxing community. I started doing research on what material may work better that also came in different color options. Being a solo aesthetician, I realized how important social media and branding was and I really wanted something that was pink. I also wanted some thing that would be easier to store and could be machine washable. The first wax pad was born, I posted it on my stories for fun to see if anyone else may be interested and it blew up.

Last but not least Bree discussed her biggest challenge:

My greatest challenge has been learning all the legal stuff needed I order to properly run a business which is why I am so passionate about training not just the service, but also providing mentorship and small business guidance. I had no one to help me. I had to figure it out in my own and hope to help others learn from my mistakes and start their businesses off on the right foot.

Thanks so much for the deep dive into your background and professional life Bree! We can’t wait to see you again at The Skin Games!

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