10 Spa Training + Education Options

Spa Training + Education Options

Did you know that at this very moment, there are scientists in labs working on advancements in cosmeceutical ingredients, laser and LED technology?  You can’t know everything because it’s not done being made.. Stay open to learning, no matter if you have 2 months of experience or 20 years. The humility of being teachable is a trait of a successful business person.  Always be willing to learn.  

One of Jenni and my favorite parts of running Lipgloss + Aftershave is when we get to connect with spa professionals and help them learn more about digital media.  We love it when we can give advice that we know will help them grow their business. We mostly teach at trade shows.  At the beginning of every class, I congratulate the people in the room for understanding that taking time to learn is just as important as shopping the trade show floor.  

One of our goals is to help promote education in the professional skincare industry.  We try and offer free education whenever we can. There are so many ways that spa professionals can learn!   

Virtually every brand offers some sort of education to the businesses that carry their products.  Many offer classes at trade shows, while many offer full-day classes throughout the year. Several brands even offer FREE online education. 

Brands That Provide On-Going Education

California Skincare Supply offers the CSS Learning Center.  Simply register for a free account and you can take advantage of all of their online classes. 

GLYMEDPLUS offers webinars to help estheticians who carry the GLYMEDPLUS product line to grow and learn.  Simply log on and enjoy all of this content. 

Institut’ DERMED offers an array of online classes.  You can simply log on and start learning!  

There are also many independent educators who teach treatment techniques and specialized modalities.  These are opportunities to stay open to growing and learning new and exciting things.  


10 Spa + Beauty Professional Training Options

  1.  True U Education
    Lipgloss + Aftershave will be conducting a Savvy Social Media Training Class on October 28, 2019, from 10 am – 4 pm. This full-day class is only one of the many types of classes offered at the Chicago-based facility.
  2.  Terri Wojack  – Aesthetics Exposed
    This book is a must-have for any skin care professional.  
  3.  Tazeem Jamal – Your Spa Biz Coach
    Learn how to grow your retail sales!  
  4.  Becky Kuehn – Oncology Spa Solutions
    Learn how to safely provide skincare treatments to individuals with compromised skin from cancer treatments.  
  5.  Cheryl Miller – The Zen Lounge
    Learn therapeutic techniques for skincare and body care treatments.  
  6. Linda Bertaut – Chakralicious
    Learn how to incorporate Reiki into your skincare treatments.  
  7.  Christine Clinton – Christine Clinton Cancer Care
    Learn how to safely provide massage treatments to individuals going through cancer treatments. 
  8.  MuseBeauty Pro – Makeup Education
    Get ongoing makeup education so you can provide healthy makeup options to clients. 
  9. Texas Lash Ladies Lash Artist Training
    Become a Passionate and Empowered Lash Artist with the most innovative lash training available.  
  10. Cidesco
    Get your education from one of the largest education organizations in the world.  

There are so many different options for advanced education.  Decide what types of education you think will help you meet the goals of your business.  Then plan out 2020, schedule classes and courses. When you plan in advance, you can be sure to schedule them during the slower times so the education doesn’t negatively impact your business.

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