From Being a Player in The Skin Games to being a Platinum Sponsor – Denise Sanabria

Denise Sanabria

Denise Sanabria possessed a passion she never knew she had, but when she discovered this newfound devotion, it gave her a new career, two new businesses, and a lucrative obsession, along with other goals to continue conquering. Not long ago, Denise worked as an office manager. When clients began inquiring about services she wasn’t fully […]

10 Spa Training + Education Options

Spa Training + Education Options

Did you know that at this very moment, there are scientists in labs working on advancements in cosmeceutical ingredients, laser and LED technology?  You can’t know everything because it’s not done being made.. Stay open to learning, no matter if you have 2 months of experience or 20 years. The humility of being teachable is […]