How to Do a Pitch in 1 Minute (and Win Spa Tank!)

Make Your Pitch

Have a revolutionary skincare product but only 60 seconds to impress potential investors or spa owners? Don’t fret! Here’s your guide to crafting a captivating one-minute pitch that lands like a game-changer.

Hook (‘Em In: 10 Seconds)

Start with a bang! Grab attention with a powerful statement that paints a picture of the current skincare struggles and the transformation you offer.

Example: Imagine a personalized skincare system that analyzes your client’s unique needs and delivers customized serums on the spot – all in one sleek, spa-ready device!

Problem Agony: (10 Seconds)

Now, pinpoint the specific pain point your product/service addresses. Briefly explain the frustration it causes for estheticians and their clients.

Example: Traditional skincare relies on generic products that rarely address individual skin concerns. This leads to frustrated clients with lingering issues and estheticians struggling to deliver personalized results.

Solution Spotlight: (15 Seconds)

Shine a light on your solution! Introduce your product and explain how it tackles the problem. Highlight its innovative features and how it works.

Example: Our revolutionary “Skin Alchemist” analyzes a client’s skin through a non-invasive scan and then dispenses customized serums based on their unique needs. It’s like having a personal chemist at your fingertips!

Benefits Bonanza: (15 Seconds)

Showcase the key benefits estheticians and their clients will experience. Emphasize the market potential and how your product stands out.

Example: With Skin Alchemist, estheticians will see faster results, happier clients, and a more efficient treatment process. The personalized skincare market is exploding, with a projected value of [Market Growth Statistic]. Skin Alchemist is the future – a cutting-edge tool that elevates facials to a whole new level.

Call to Action: (10 Seconds)

Close with a strong call to action that compels the listener to take the next step. This could be requesting investment, scheduling a demonstration, or visiting your website.

Example: We’re seeking partnerships with forward-thinking spas to revolutionize facials. Join us in ushering in a new era of personalized skincare! Visit our website at [Your Website] to learn more.


Practice makes perfect! Rehearse your pitch out loud to refine your delivery.
Confidence is key. Speak clearly, with enthusiasm, and believe in the power of your innovative product.
Keep it concise. Focus on the most impactful points and avoid overly technical terms.
By following this guide and injecting your unique product’s details, you’ll craft a one-minute pitch that leaves a lasting impression and propels your groundbreaking skincare solution to the forefront of the industry!

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