The Skin Games 2016 Live Show

The Skin Games 2016 Live Show

In an industry that dates back to the Greek and Roman Empires, it’s hard to reinvent the wheel when it comes to getting professionals together to collaborate and learn. Skincare trade shows and educational events have become the norm and no longer spice up the treatment rooms. THE SKIN GAMES shook that concept to the core and has taken the skincare industry by storm.

Lights, Cameras, and Action packed stage performances were the highlight of this year-long competition that culminated in an Academy Awards Show for skincare professionals on April 23rd at the San Ramon Marriott in Northern California. No one expected the level of professionalism and collaboration from the cream of the crop in the industry.

Until it happened.

Over 1,000 estheticians (called PLAYERS) entered a year-long contest to showcase their unique brand of awesome via an 8-week case study in 1 of 5 categories. Each esthetician found a model with challenging skin in their category, customized a treatment plan, and recorded 8-weeks of treatments,

all while documenting before and after photos to showcase results to the panel of esteemed judges. The top 34 FINALISTS were chosen to attend THE LIVE SHOW and meet with the industry’s top formulators, innovators, educators, and masterminds– The Judging Panel!

A 6-hour long process of questioning each FINALIST on their level of ingredient knowledge, scientific knowledge, professionalism, treatment modalities, and general education of skin care, became a grueling process for both the player and the judge. Can you imagine sitting in front of your skincare role models and answering their questions? Our players did, and some weren’t even nervous!

Adina Diaz of Beverly Hills came in to meet the judges with a rap prepared about coming to win! Many of the players joked with the intimidating 13-judge panel and overall, a spotlight was shone on how much our industry needs connections between the education providers and the students.

The judges were pleased and impressed with some of the player’s results and case studies, commenting on interesting modalities they hadn’t heard of, or wouldn’t have used. The best part about this whole competition was that we had big names on our panels of experts. We had product formulators liking and judging competitive formulations and giving unbiased results. It was a true meeting of the minds, and it set the precedent for higher education needed throughout our entire industry. After the judging process was over, scores were tallied and winners were announced LIVE on stage for everyone to celebrate. The good news is that no one left a loser. THE SKIN GAMES is not about competition, even though that makes it fun. It’s about growing confidence and learning to work together in an industry so used to backbiting and jealousy.

Many wouldn’t believe it, but we have skin professionals from all over the country, with different backgrounds on education and products, promoting each other and networking together to grow the industry as a whole. You won’t see this at national hair or makeup shows. It’s just unheard of what THE SKIN GAMES network was able to accomplish this year, and from the screams in the crowd and shares on social media, THE SKIN GAMES 2017 will be even bigger and better.

It wasn’t all about the red carpet award ceremony though, as there was a whole day worth of shopping and learning to boot. THE SKIN GAMES is a true celebration of esthetics and besides partying, what do skin care pro’s like best?

Sampling and learning about new skin care technologies! To shake up the way we do trade shows in this industry, THE SKIN GAMES offered a BEAUTY FEST where top professional vendors offered free- or discounted mini-services to attendees as a way to not only get pampered for the RED CARPET AWARDS but also to try new modalities they might want to offer at their salon. Normal trade shows provide bags of samples and literature to comb through, but the beauty fest provided treatments, hands-on discussions and demos, and in-depth networking with the experts who hold the keys to success. The professional met the public who met the industry and it couldn’t have gone better!

Well, maybe it gets better… THE SKIN GAMES was hosted by celebrity skincare lovers, Athena and Bobbie Brown of THE EX-WIVES OF ROCK. The beauties hung out at the vendor fair, received treatments while shopping and networking with the pros, and then got on stage to tell us all about it! This was great for budding estheticians, and wonderful promotion for all businesses in attendance, plus their hilarious banter made for a good show!

This year-long competition had roots in social media marketing, self-promotion, self-confidence, brand agnostic results, and a spotlight on why advanced education is so important in this field. THE SKIN GAMES was not just a contest,  it was a nationwide platform to be heard. Estheticians are normally stuck in their treatment rooms, with little promotion other than word of mouth. THE SKIN GAMES got friends, family, neighbors, and acquaintances interested in the buzz of what’s going on. The goal- to inspire estheticians to step out of their comfort zone to grow their business and to educate the public that there is someone who can help with your skin. With top news networks and big money brands discussing why professional skin care is a rip-off, it was imperative that we fight back and come out strong. THE SKIN GAMES did that and more!

Created by Jennifer Rosenblum, a licensed esthetician and treatment center owner at Bio Peeling USA. Jen brought a purpose for education and celebration of the hardworking estheticians to the table, and then teamed up with skincare enthusiast and marketing guru, Jennifer Earls of Facet Marketing Service to bring this contest to the masses. In its inaugural year, THE SKIN GAMES managed to bridge gaps that have been burgeoning for decades. Many more to come.

It is with great pleasure that a select few were chosen as winners in THE SKIN GAMES 2016 categories. These winners were selected by the judging panel, except for THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE category. These winners were selected by an online voting contest hosted in January 2016.

The judges selected the following winners in each category, awarding



ACNE: Denise Kemp

Best New Esthetician: Angie Vayda

OPEN: Nondy Lewellyn

Age Management: Amy Wall

Hyperpigmentation: Cherie Callahan

People’s Choice Winners: Angie Vayda

We give special kudos and thanks to all of this year’s winners, and invite them back next year to compete again for an INTERNATIONAL TITLE!

That’s right, THE SKIN GAMES 2017 will be open to international contestants, allowing for the bar to be raised that much further. We are all about education and bumping it up a notch.

Let’s do this together!


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