Baseball, Babe, and Business … Ignoring the Boos from the Cheap Seats

Ignoring the Boos from the Cheap Seats

Watching baseball is one of the joys of my summer, especially cheering for the Phillies! I appreciate that each player on the field is a seasoned athlete, having dedicated years to honing their craft, all in pursuit of their major league ambitions, aiming for the pinnacle of success: the World Series.

I’m also aware that for every stadium brimming with supportive fans, there’s a presence of “Hecklers.” These are the vocal critics who boldly proclaim that they could do it better, making sure their disparaging remarks are heard by everyone. They’re the ones who mock, denounce, and try to disrupt the athletes’ focus with their infamous “belly-itcher” jibes.

Back in 1932, the legendary Babe Ruth famously said, “The loudest boos come from the cheapest seats,” highlighting that often the harshest criticism comes from those who may not fully appreciate the game’s nuances or the players’ dedication.

So, very much like those of us who are in business, striving to succeed, the key to these “Boys of Summer”, achieving success lies in the ability to press forward despite these distractions. As a business owner, Here’s a formula I came up with for ignoring the hecklers that I would like to share:

Harness the Strength of Tenacity

Perseverance is key to overcoming challenges and achieving success. The taunts from detractors are merely tests of your resolve. Rather than allowing their remarks to halt your progress, transform their negativity into motivation to reach your goals. It’s the relentless pursuit of objectives, despite the skeptics, that defines the most accomplished individuals. Your steadfastness will not only lead you to success but also inspire others to surmount their obstacles.

Cultivate a Supportive Circle

Keep company with those who support your aspirations. A robust network of allies acts as a formidable shield against the pessimism of naysayers. Relatives, friends, mentors, and peers who share your vision can offer encouragement, wisdom, and abundant affirmation. They’re also adept at reminding you of your value and the significance of your endeavors.

Maintain Focus on Your Objectives

Critics can sidetrack you, causing doubts about your choices and capabilities. It’s vital to keep a laser focus on your aspirations. Establishing SMART goals at the outset of your plan is indeed wise.

These goals MUST BE :

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Timely

Staying concentrated on your ultimate aim allows you to move past distractions and advance with resolve!

Celebrate Incremental Triumphs

In the quest for grand ambitions, it’s easy to miss the importance of minor successes. Acknowledging these achievements fuels your drive and validates your journey. Each victory, no matter how small, is evidence of your commitment and a cue that you’re heading in the right direction. Use these milestones as catalysts for further progress. I do the “happy dance” all of the time…when is the last time you celebrated YOU?

Embrace Self-Kindness

Above all, treat yourself with compassion. Recognize that everyone encounters setbacks and criticism. Practicing self-compassion means offering yourself the same care and understanding you’d extend to a friend. When you become adept at self-kindness, the critics’ influence wanes, and you grow more resilient against adversity.


The saying about the Hecklers was once relayed to me by a close friend when I doubted myself. The Hecklers don’t care about YOUR game at all. Just remember, they will never invest in anything but the “cheap seats!”

Newsflash…they will always be there, trying to distract and discourage you. But your focus, persistence, and resilience are what will ultimately determine your success. By recognizing the value of your journey, focusing on constructive feedback, building a supportive network, and practicing self-compassion, you can press forward with confidence and achieve your goals.

Remember, you are the one at Bat! Step to the Plate, Wait for your Pitch, and Swing Away!

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