Learn more about the New Esthetician Category 

You are the lifeblood and future of our industry! Do you have two years or less under your belt, freshly minted credentials and a desire to make your mark? Ask yourself, do you have what it takes to take home the prize and title of “Best New Artist”?  We honor and salute you!

Judging in this category is based on the following;

Visual improvement: The client’s skin should show a distinct improvement over eight weeks.

Protocol and Planning: Estheticians should provide treatment and home care plan for eight weeks consecutively. Forms provided.

Modality & Product Knowledge: Demonstrate knowledge of proper protocols and ingredient knowledge for treatment. The demonstration is done through the interview and video process.

Compliance & Standards: Demonstrate knowledge of the scope of practice, licensing compliance and competition guidelines by following The Skin Games rules and providing current licensing or documentation required for practicing esthetics in your country. Standards will be demonstrated by providing an explanation of why the esthetician chose their treatment plan.

The TOP 10 Reasons to get into THE SKIN GAMES

  1.  Be the TOP 1% in the industry.

  2.  Build a case study to show your clients and to potential job  opportunities.

  3.  Learn and network from your peers.

  4.  Educate the consumer

  5.  Build relationships with the experts, educators,formulators and manufacturers.

  6.  Raise the Bar for the esthetics profession.

  7.  More visibility on line through SEO searches.

  8.  Build confidence.

  9.  Increase your income!

  10.  Get out of your room and INTO THE SPOTLIGHT!

The Skin Games 2022 Category Winners


Sara Lemagie


Michael Razzano


Jamie Nelms