Entry Fee Scholarship Opportunities

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You have asked for ways to enter #TheSkinGames if you don’t have the $110 right now.

Entering EARLY in the games means that you will get the most exposure, the longest amount of advertising and marketing from this platform, and the more networking with the celebrities and professionals involved in The Skin Games.

We have heard that you may be having troubles with raising the money If you need ideas on where to come up with the registration fee, read these Top 10 Tips.

We have come up with 4 ways that you can work to earn your registration fee in part or whole.

Here are your ENTRY SCHOLARSHIP options:

  1. Buy 3 Get 1 Free: Have 3 Estheticians register for the games and give your name as a referral when registering. After 3 registered estys your entry fee will be waived 100%!!! That’s a FREE ENTRY just for asking your friends and co-workers to grow their business with you!
  2. Write It Out: Submit a 200-word essay to The Skin Games answering this question, “Why do you deserve a scholarship for a chance to WIN The Skin Games?” The top three essays will be chosen by the PANEL OF JUDGES on May 15, 2015. 1st prize— FREE ENTRY 2nd Prize— HALF-OFF Entry ($50 Savings) 3rd Prize- 1/3 OFF Entry ($34 Savings!) Essays must be submitted by May 1, 2015, at MIDNIGHT EST.
  3. Write a blog on your website about growing and marketing your beauty/skincare business: Highlight the challenges and successes, and mention why you think The Skin Games will help grow your business. Submit your link to your blog here, and if chosen, we will publish your blog and you will win a $55 credit, giving you a HALF OFF entry to The Skin Games.
  4. We do offer a payment plan: Email us and tell us your story. If you qualify, we will send you the details on applying for the payment plan.

Overall, we WANT YOU TO REGISTER! The more skin care professionals we can spotlight with this competition, the more the beauty industry knows that it is on YOUR shoulders they stand! We aim to grow YOUR business by utilizing a little friendly competition and leveraging the power of social media!

If you need help starting, managing or using your social media, email us and we can help!

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