10 Ways To Show Your Lash Clients You Appreciate Them

10 Ways To Show Your Lash Clients You Appreciate Them

Customer service is important in all industries but even more so in a service based industry like ours. Clients are investing in an experience when they schedule an appointment for lash extensions. It’s your job to deliver the complete package. Surprise and delight your clients, make them feel special, make everything easy for them, show them they can trust you, and over-deliver on your promises.

Here are some of the ways to show your lash clients you appreciate them:

Loyalty Program

Clients love to earn free stuff or discounted services. Set up a program to show them you are grateful for their loyalty. Reward them for the repeat business with the free product or a discounted price on a fill. Whatever you feel is a suitable report.

Referral Program

Say thank you when a client sends you a friend. Say thank you when a client sends her friend your way. Offer a percentage off their next film, or a free upgrade to show your gratitude. After all, a referral is the best compliment the client can give you.

Birthday Coupon

Oh well, you remembered my birthday? All shucks! What better way to say happy birthday and a discount on their next service.

Birthday Phone Call

Now that is definitely adding a personal touch! What a great gesture. The call is also the perfect time to let her know that she is entitled to a birthday coupon.

Quick Response

Always reply to voicemails or emails in a timely manner. Its quick response is a great way to show your client you respect their time and care about them.

Surprise Gifts


An occasional gesture of friendship or gratitude can really make a claim feel special. Nothing fancy or expensive. Maybe you got your hands on some pretty pink mascara wand and you want to give it to some of your favorite clients, or a gift card to a coffee shop, etc.

New Year’s Card

Many businesses send out holiday cards but a New Year’s card is not religious specific and simply wishes your clients a great new year. To really make it special, include a hand-written note in each card.

Respond To All Comments

Always respond when a follower comments on your social media posts. Say thank you or answer their question. Communication is key to making someone feel special.

Personalized Service

Go out of your way to give each client an individual experience based on their likes and personality.

Be Consistent

You need to offer a great experience for your client every time they interact with you.

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