Five Things You Didn’t Know About Permanent Makeup

Young woman on permanent make-up procedure, tattooing eyebrows in natural tint. Eyebrow Correction closeup. Beauty Concept.

In the past few years, permanent makeup has grown. From once being just a new fad, it is now a phenomenon across all demographics. From everyday women to celebrities, more and more people are getting it done every day. With so much press around this sort of cosmetic procedure, you may think that you know all there is to know about it.

However, even with all the knowledge from articles, vlogs and forum posts, there are a lot of things you might not know about permanent makeup. This article will discuss 5 things you probably don’t know about these cosmetics and the world they live in.

You Probably Know That Permanent Makeup Is Not Really “permanent”.

Most people know this but don’t realize that there is a difference between semi-permanent and permanent makeup. The former will wash away in 2-5 years while the latter will last up to 10 years depending on your skin type.

Don’t Be Surprised If You See More and More Men with Permanent Makeup.

While women have traditionally been the ones seeking out cosmetic procedures, it seems that men are slowly getting involved in the game. If you have a scar that you want to cover up or have tattoos that you don’t want to be on the rest of your body, you can get it removed by getting some of your face permanently tattooed. While this may sound a little weird, it is a very common procedure, especially regarding eyebrows. Why would men want to do this, you might ask? Well, for starters, it makes them look more groomed and presentable. It also helps them not to look intimidating when they are at work or even just walking around in public.

PMU Procedures Differ Based on the Objectives.

One of the most important things to keep in mind before getting permanent makeup is that there are different procedures for different aspects. For example, eyebrows are usually done using ink and then pressed on the skin, while eyeliner and lip liner are done using a dye that is applied directly on the skin.

There Are a Few Things to Know Before Choosing a Salon or Artist.

Finding the right salon or artist can be a daunting task, but it is one that is vital if you want to get a good result and have a pleasant experience. Before choosing a salon or artist, you should make sure that they have all the necessary licenses and certifications. You should also make sure that the salon is clean and sanitary. If you notice that your salon is dirty, messy or that the staff don’t even wear gloves, run away as fast as you can. You don’t want to risk contracting an infection from a salon that is obviously unhygienic. You should also make sure that you do your research before choosing an artist. You can do this by asking for references, reading reviews and asking for referrals from your friends.

The Pigments Used in Permanent Makeup Are Safe and Non-toxic

The pigments used in PMU are both safe and non-toxic. This is because the FDA has strict regulations when it comes to the use of pigments, making sure that they are safe for human use. Because they are non-toxic, they are unlikely to lead to any serious side effects, but they can cause slight irritation. If you are allergic to the pigments used, you can expect symptoms such as itching, redness and swelling. Unfortunately, there is no way to know if you are allergic to the pigments used in this procedure until you get the treatment done. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is best to visit your doctor as soon as possible.

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