8 Ways To Act Like A Lash Pro

8 Ways To Act Like A Lash Pro

There is more to your lash business than simply applying lash extensions. You are a professional, and with that comes a few expectations. You want to be sure that your business feels professional. Here are a few tips on how you can act like a lash pro!


Think of your website as your business billboard. The home page is a potential client’s first impression. This page should be clean, attractive and make them want to know more.


Make sure it is easy to get in touch with you. Use online forms that are linked to your email account, or post your business phone number on your website.


You should always reply to an inquiry within the same day. Strive to never finish the workday with unread emails, DM’s or voicemails. If you are away for a period of time, make sure you have an auto-responder for your email/DM’s and a message on your outgoing voicemail with your return date.


Conducting client surveys is a great tool to help you learn what is working and what needs changing in your lash business. Post polls on your social media pages or email out surveys made in SurveyMonkey, a free online platform.


Reduce the number of email and phone inquiries by building a great FAQ page for your website. Stop answering the same questions day in and day out, just list them on your website with informative answers. This is also a great way to add information you want your clients to know by simply adding the questions you WISH they would ask =)


A professional performs with consistency. Find what works best in your business activities such as client intake, payment process, closing duties, everything you do in your business, then make it a regular process that can be explained and trained to new staff. Repeat the processes consistently with each client.


Use a receipt or invoice software that you can brand with your logo and your business colours.


Because aftercare is an important part of the eyelash extensions service, having an aftercare package available for clients is a great idea. Packages should include a cleanser, a mascara wand and an instructions card. Of course, you can add whatever else you would like to add. Whether you want to include it in the price of a full set or have it available for purchase, putting it all together for your client makes aftercare easier for them.

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