A Non-Profit Emerges In The Skin Care Industry

A Non-Profit Emerges In The Skin Care Industry

Shortly after I became a licensed Aesthetician, I became certified to administer treatments to those suffering from cancer. When I came back, I knew that was where I fit in the Aesthetic world having suffered several medical issues at a young age. People who were sick and in for the battle of their life were also fighting these unexpected unknown skin issues that no one talked about. Could I really expect someone with cancer to pay me to correct their skin issues? I knew from experience how pricey serious illnesses can be and so I thought about going the nonprofit route. However, I had no idea at all about applying for a nonprofit or running one.

I bought a book and went to work. I followed the directions exactly and met a few pits falls along the way. Fortunately, I also met some great people who thought my idea was important and helped me navigate the nonprofit process. However, I also was faced with negativity and doubt, but I did not let that overshadow my efforts. Once I submitted the paperwork to the federal government I waited, and waited, and waited.

Finally, I received the envelop in the mail with the approval, Looking and Feeling FAB, Inc. was official, but now what was I supposed to do? I ended up taking a class on running non-profits and learned as much as I could.

Now eight years later and having assisted the formation of a sister charity in Georgia, A New Daly Beginning, we are changing lives daily. So much relief has been brought to those who would otherwise suffer in silence.

My message today to everyone in the beauty industry is to support those nonprofits in your industry, learn about us and educate others about us. But the most important message in today’s blog is, don’t every let anyone tell you something is unachievable. You can accomplish whatever you put your mind to.

For more information visit www.lookfeelfabl.org or www.anewdalybeginning.org

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