Amplify Your Impact with The Skin Games Compassion Category

Amplify Your Impact with The Skin Games Compassion Category

What Is Your Passion? Help us put the Passion in Compassion by Entering The Skin Games Compassionate Category

As beauty professionals, we are naturally caring and giving individuals. We know that you are already making a positive impact on a regular basis. So why not showcase your good deeds and have the chance to earn money to further support your great cause?

Whether you work with a registered 501(c)(3) public charity or contribute on your own, you are eligible to win money to continue your important work.

Entering the Compassionate Category is an incredible experience. Did you know that today’s shoppers actively seek out businesses that give back? Let everyone know about your business and highlight the wonderful things you do in the community. Enter the Compassionate Category today.

Here’s a little secret: By entering the Compassionate Category, you will surround yourself with like-minded individuals who can offer support and mentorship. Before you know it, your business will experience rapid growth.

If you’ve been considering entering the Compassionate Category or participating in The Skin Games, now is the time. It will undoubtedly enhance your business and introduce you to amazing beauty professionals who have transformed their lives and businesses by entering the compassion category.

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