An Esthetician’s View About Celebrity Skincare

Robyn Newmark

We recently asked a question in our Facebook Group called The Skin Games Esthetician Forum about what our members felt about Celebrity Skincare. We asked because we really wanted to know what our members really thought. The response by Robyn Newmark, of Newmark Beauty, really stood out and we have decided to share it so we can all benefit from it.

When it comes to Celebrity Skincare, it all depends. Not all of them are CRAP for those who say. Some of them are not bad and are better than going to CVS.

Many of the Celebrity Skincare brands are produced by physicians who want to put their name behind a celebrity endorsement and yes, it’s to make more money.

Some that stand out to me as very good include the following:

Peta Jane has an amazing self-tanner that is all cruelty free. A beautiful product from Peta Murgatroyd of dancing with the stars. She even has professional pricing for pros to retail.

Uncommon Beauty by Kristen Cavalleri kinda reminds me of a Sorella apothecary. Perfectly fine ingredients.

We can’t call Celebrity Skincare all crap and you can’t fault people for wanting to build a brand.

Here is how I see it. At this age in time skin care has gotten so good. Our clients are more empowered and can get the results we did years ago on their own at home. Even a celebrity now can slap their name on something and make it happen. This is the reality and we must accept it.

We as professionals need to focus on what we CAN DO that they still can’t which are professional grade treatments followed by our personal recommendation.

We are never gonna satisfy the product junky who bounces around and isn’t really serious. He/She most likely enjoys the buy than the product.

Also, some people just like certain things and no matter how much better your product is they just love other things. As a professional, it is best to know what cosmetic lines are decent and which are not rather than just come across bitter about the fight.

Chances are if you highlight the benefits of your products more than the negatives of others, people will go with your recommendation.

Similarly, to Robyn’s view, Jo Ann, a TSG Winning Esthetician also mentioned that people love them and are here to stay. For her, she prefers to study Celebrity skincare. Understand their marketing strategies, niche as well as the pros and cons of the products themselves.

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