Answers to Some Lash Extension FAQs

Professional is making long lashes for a client wearing pink hygienic gloves in beaty salon. Master is using different types of tweezers. Woman lying on special coach during the process.

Consider this scenario, you wake up and begin the typical rush to get your daily routine started before heading to work. You wake up and gaze in the mirror to discover that your lashes do not require any attention. You don’t even have to look for your mascara because it’s thick, lush, and long. Dreamy lash extensions are a simple treatment that provides long-lasting, painless results. If you’d want to attempt lash extensions but aren’t sure where to start, here are acceptable answers that we have come up with to the most asked lash extension questions.

What are lash extensions?

They are semi-permanent synthetic lashes that use lash adhesive to stick to your natural lashes. They are applied individually to each lash or to every other lash, depending on the appearance you wish to achieve.

How is it different from a lash lift or mascara?

A lash lift is a procedure that involves the enhancement of your natural lashes rather than the usage of synthetic lashes. Lift and curl your lashes with a perming solution to make them look longer and more perky.

How do I prepare for lash extensions?

Make sure there is no eye makeup or extra product, such as moisturizer, around your eyes before your visit. If your regular mascara is waterproof, you should avoid using it a few days before getting lash extensions. Otherwise, the application can be hampered.

Can I wear contact lenses with lash extensions?

Of course, after the lashes are done, you can put your contact lenses back in. If the contact lenses give you any discomfort, we recommend having them professionally removed because it may not be the ideal choice for you.

How much do lash extensions cost?

The pricing of lash extension services are often affected by various considerations that include but not limited to the following:

  • Experience of the Artist
  • Amount spent on Education so far
  • Cost of running the business (Rent, products and tools…)
  • Status of the lash Artist (Have they won awards, or held in high esteem in the Lash community)

At the end of the day you can find that depending on your location and most especially the years of experience of a Lash Artists, you can find that there are price ranges from very affordable to borderline expensive.

What are Russian Lash Extensions?

They’re a fluttery, lightweight lash extension with a variety of buildable possibilities. Because your therapist will attach a few synthetic lashes to each of your natural lashes. Russian Lashes are more voluminous than a standard set.

What are infills?

As your lashes grow the lash extension will push out and you will also lose some lashes. Infills or refills are re-applications of lashes in locations where there has been lash loss or gaps. They’re suggested for keeping your lashes long and ferocious without looking ‘gappy.’

How often should I get infills?

On the top lash line, you have between 90 to 120 natural lashes. Of the total, 1 to 5 lashes do shed daily and it is recommended to visit your lash artists every 2 to 3 weeks to get a refill.

How long is the initial visit to get them?

The initial operation takes around an hour and a half, depending on the size of the individual’s eyes and the amount of natural lashes available.

Can I wear mascara with lash extensions?

With lash extensions, you don’t need to use mascara because they work as mascara. Your lashes will appear thicker, darker, and longer with extensions. It’s advisable not to use mascara, especially with natural, lighter lashes, because it adds weight to the lashes and increases the danger of them falling out.

How should I take care of my lash extensions?

Don’t take them apart – Picking at your lashes can cause them to weaken and possibly fall out. This will leave bald spots along your lash line, which will require an infill to repair.

Brush your lash extensions every morning and night with a clean spoolie brush. This will keep them organized and presentable. It can also help to break down any pollen or dust on the lashes that could cause infection.

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