Do Lash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes?

Do Lash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes?

You might have heard your friend or someone on Social Media say that all of her natural lashes have fallen out or gotten damaged because she used lash extensions. These stories are common and they have given the Lash Industry a somewhat unbefitting reputation. The Lash Extension Industry is very unregulated in most parts of the world and as such has standards and training that vary across communities, countries, and continents.

The aim of this post is not to shame any Lash Technician in any way but rather to inform both the Technicians and the General Public. Each lash technician has her style that represents her brand and overall aesthetics, so in essence, there is no general rule set in stone that dictates how Lashes should be extended.

Now, to the question asked in the topic, there is no Yes or No answer. The answer will depend on where you get your lash extensions done. However, we would like to point out that you can have your lash extensions done without having a break or having any damage to your natural lashes. This begs another question, “What makes lash extensions damaging?”

Have you ever seen a lady and the first thing you notice is the thick and heavy lashes she has on? The lash extensions, in most cases, are too heavy for their eyelashes and they have a lot of damage underneath these extensions. We are not categorically saying that this is bad. If you love that look, absolutely go for it. Do you. However, we would love to inform you of the possibility of damage to your natural lashes.

There are many ways that Lash Extensions can damage your eyelashes, and the most common are:

  • Having lashes that are too long and thick.
  • Extensions being applied too close to the lash line or on the lash line.
  • Poor isolation (which usually results in stickies.)
  • Using too much glue.
  • Using poor products.

Having lashes that are too long and thick

Imagine a hippopotamus standing at the edge of a diving board at a swimming pool. His weight on the diving board will be way too heavy that it starts to bend, it might even break. The board was not designed for that amount of weight. The eye is also not designed for a lot of weight, so a lot of stress is put on the eyes when the lash extensions attached are too thick and long. The natural eyelashes will start to drip under the weight of the thick and long eyelashes, pulling at the follicle of natural eyelashes. That causes the eyelashes to be prematurely pulled out. We advise that estheticians not make the extensions any longer than 2 millimeters longer than the client’s natural lash.

Extensions Applied Too Close To The Lash Line Or On The Lash Line.

When lash extensions are applied too close to or on the lash line, they can cause micro-tares to the skin in your lash lid, increasing your risk for sensitivities or infections to develop. It can also cause the lash extensions to scratch against the eyes, irritating the eyes. If the lash extensions are applied directly to the skin then, there would most likely be an infection or swelling of the eye.

Poor Isolation

Poor Isolation can result in stickies, which are where multiple lashes have been stuck together. Every single lash is in its phase of the shedding cycle (Most lashes take about six weeks to go through the shedding cycle). There are three stages in the shedding cycle:

  • The Anagen Phase – This is the growth phase, and the lashes are referred to as baby lashes in this stage.
  • The Catagen Phase – This is the active/transition phase. The lashes are called the teenage lashes
  • The Telogen Phase – This is the resting phase (dead air). The lashes are called the adult lash.

If poor isolation has been used on your hair, for instance, if an anagen and a catagen lash get stuck together, as the catagen (teenage lash) is growing it will be pulling the baby lash (anagen) with it. When the anagen (baby lash) comes out, it is coming out way too prematurely. Damage to the eye occurs each this happens as the follicles are feeling the brunt each time the anagens are being out prematurely.

Using Too Much Glue

Using too much glue will add extra weight to your eyelashes and also increase your chances of getting stickies.

Using poor products

If you have a lash extension on and they are feeling heavy like they are pulling out of your eyelid, they feel itchy, or your eye is sore during and after getting your lashes done, it is most likely a sign that you are having or have had lash extensions applied in a not-sustainable way.

If you are worried that you are having allergies to your lash extension, please go and see your skin doctor right away.

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