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Recently someone who I admire commented in a public forum that I was her hero.  While the comment warmed my heart and made my day, it got me pondering the reason why she said it.  How had I impacted her to the point of publicly calling me her hero?  While I may never know the reason, in my mind, I believe it may have been because when we first became acquainted, I was actively working through a challenging area in my life.  It was a challenge that we both shared.  I think I represented what is possible in one’s life when we act as our own hero and work to better our lives.  It got me to thinking of other people I know who are showing up as a hero in their own life.  The teenager who stood up to his abuser, the person who is battling life threatening cancer and continues to post messages of hope and love on social media.  The young mother of three who still works to build her business for her family’s future.  

As each of these people show up as a hero in their own life, they shine the light for others to see and motivate us to rise to hero status.  Research shows when people see acts of bravery, involvement and compassion, it inspires others to do so as well.  This is one of the core principals that the Compassionate Category is founded on.  The Compassionate Category gives you the opportunity to help your community or the world at large, bring awareness to those in need, and show that you are a business that cares and gives back to the community that you serve.  

If you need inspiration and guidance on becoming a hero, I encourage you to pick up a copy of a book titled “The Everyday Hero” by Robin Sharma.  A thoughtful and beautifully written guide on leading a world class life.  It is a decadent rich read, chock full of life lessons and valuable insights for both your personal life and your business. 

So go help the homeless, volunteer at an animal shelter, work to save the whales.  Join others in the Compassionate Category and share how you are being an Everyday Hero to someone in your community.  Share it with the world and inspire more of the same to happen and you will find you are becoming your own hero as well.  All it takes is five (5) one (1)minute videos following our specific guideline, and answer our questionnaire.   You may become our next Compassionate Winner and win money to give to a charity of your choice or support you in doing more goodness in the world.  

So, the only question left to answer is whose hero will you become today?


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  1. This article warmed my heart. I love the whole idea behind the TSG Commpassion category and how we should all Pay it Forward. Thanks for the beautiful article Debbi 💘🙏🏼☀️

  2. Debbie, what a perfectly stated and represented HERO you are. I am so grateful to know several esthetic industry leaders who just thrive on giving back, mentoring, and being their own Super Human. The individuals who embark on placing in this category are already a winner in so many ways. Thank you Jennifer Rosenblum for making it possible for Estheticians to shine solo while celebrating one another in the Skin Games.

  3. I’m sure you are a hero to many! I met some of your students at the trade show in SJ. They obviously adored you too.

    I really enjoyed this article. We work in multi-billion dollar industry, and while that’s a big number, the industry at it’s heart is small. The more I learn about it, I realize behind all the businesses, educators and mentors there are individuals who are as imperfect (human) as they are inspiring.

    It’s tempting to only show your success, but the best people, in my eyes, show that they are human. Being authentic, truly seen, is an act of bravery… (especially in this age of filters and endless promises of perfection!) That bravery lights the way for others.

    I love that you are kind, humble and authentic. You are my hero because, by being you, you show me that I can be me.
    And there’s a space for both of us… and all of us… to shine in this industry.

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