Five Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Five Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

February 14 is a day when lovers from all around the world express their affection for each other. In this post, we will like to suggest five gift ideas for valentine’s day because we are certain that a lot of people often have a hard time choosing a unique and personal gift for their lover.

React 7-in-1 Multi-Tool

One thing for sure is that Accidents is the #1 non-health related cause of death in the world and we need to take the safety of our loved ones very serious.

A good way for this is to be proactive by providing then with quick tools they need should an accident ever occur.

The React multi tool is specifically built to be used during an accident to provide fast help from the basic dangers that always accompany a road accident.

The features of this multi tool include the following:

  • Seatbelt cutter
  • Window breaking steel tip
  • Super-fast USB Car Charger
  • Portable Power Bank
  • LED Flashlight
  • SOS Beacon
  • Long range safety siren


In this time and age when everyone has at least one mobile phone. It’s also a great idea to consider the cleanliness of it.

Smartphones generically carry up to 20x bacteria than is found in a public toilet. Phonesoap uses UV light to sterilize your phone from all the bacteria that can cause you harm.

The phonesoap has been said to be able to kill almost all harmful bacteria that can come from day to day use of the phone.


This is probably the most needed yet most neglected product around. To put things in perspective let us share some facts about Sunburn.

Sunburn will increase the risk of early wrinkles, premature aging, and skin cancer. It is also important to note that sunburns are not always visible.

Show some love to your partner by encouraging them to follow a path that’s way healthier for their skin. After all, you get to enjoy the benefits of they using their sunscreen.


Sleep has so many immense benefits and when you have so much trouble sleeping it can start to cause a lot of trouble for your skin and general bodily function that’s why we feel like suggesting the Dodow is such and awesome idea and you will definitely love us for it.

The Dodow is a scientifically designed bed-side device that is meant to help you get to sleep in 8 minutes or less! The device combines yoga, meditation, and behavioral therapy to help you get to sleep faster without having to learn a thing.

The secret to how it works is that it puts your heartbeat in a tune that is coherent with rest.


Hydration is essential and staying hydrated can never be overemphasized. WAKEcup is pretty awesome because it is a self-cleaning water bottle that uses UV light to kill all the bacteria that might be in the bottle in just three minutes.

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