Five Reasons Why You Should Turn in Your Case Studies on Time

Five Reasons Why You Should Turn in Your Case Studies on Time

One of the advantages of entering The Skin Games is in having the chance to expose your practice to a larger audience. This audience includes industry insiders, professional skincare lines, our sponsors, media partners, and your peers among others. It is also essential to note that the public will have access to your case study videos when published on our YouTube channel.

In years past, we have noticed players sending in their entries mostly at the eleventh hour and while this is a strategy to ensure that other players will not see their videos, it also means that these videos will not be able to get promoted as much as the ones sent during the course of the year. In this blog post, we cover five reasons why you need to turn in your entries as fast as possible

Slim Chance for Errors

Sending in your entries on time will reduce the risk of having errors on your entries, as you will have more than enough time to create and edit your videos, and to fill in your case study sheets as well as your model release form. Doing all of this in good time also means that if any errors are made while uploading your data, you can be notified and given the opportunity to make changes with more than enough time on your plate.

There is a higher chance that you’ll get featured on our weekly newsletter if you send in your entries way before the deadline day, as our weekly newsletter always features at least one video that has been published through the course of the previous week.

Increased Chance to Get Promoted on Our Social Media Platforms

Entries that come in way before deadline day will be promoted on our social media platforms, as we are not in any hurry to upload all the content to YouTube. Our team will have enough time to promote your videos on our social media channels and for people to also watch them without being overwhelmed by the number of videos that are coming in each time.

Enough Time to Prepare for Your Interview

When you turn in your videos on time, you will be more psychologically ready to handle the pressures that come with the last few days of the competition. This will help to ensure that you are in a more relaxed state, and you won’t need to not worry about meeting the deadline. You will be in a better state of mind to prepare for your interviews as you know the videos carry 20 marks while the interview will be a major deciding factor to ensure that you place in the top three of the competition.

Chance to Get Noticed by Industry Leaders

Once you turn in your video early, there is a higher chance to be noticed not just by the public but also by our team of judges, sponsors, and industry leaders. This will give you the opportunity to get noticed and make it easier to introduce yourself and network with the industry leaders. You can easily initiate a conversation with other players and our judges, as their social media channels are all listed on our website.

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