Here comes TSG Compassion Judge

Here Comes TSG Comapssion Judge - Holly Brown

Here comes the TSG Compassion judge! That’s me, Holly Brown. I have been a judge in the compassion category for about 6 years. Being a judge has been a remarkable experience and I have had the opportunity of meeting so many professionals in our business.

I was honored, 6 years ago to be contacted by the Director of the Compassion Category, Debbi Fink, whom I had met at an advanced Oncology Training for Estheticians. She told me her idea of starting the Compassion Category and asked if I would offer assistance. I jumped right in. I think being a judge has not only enhanced me and my nonprofit, but I have had the opportunity to learn a lot about our industry and those who are in it.

Anyone who has asked why I love to judge in The Skin Games, I simply offer the answer; I do it for myself. That is because it certainly has enhanced who I am as a person. It has been quite a road over the last six years from California, to Las Vegas to Florida. I remember pretty much all of the contestants and how they had such a positive impact on me while sharing their acts of compassion. I wish we could have chosen all of them as winners, because all the acts of compassion that are displayed by entries into the compassion category are winners.

I hope they all realize how they did influence us and how what they are doing is great, even if they didn’t win. I think the hardest thing for me to deal with is the thought that someone didn’t continue their act of compassion because they didn’t win. I hope that if someone feels that way they will reach out to me so we can talk about it.

I would always encourage someone who didn’t win to keep entering. The more you enter, the more exposure which makes you a winner in the long run. The best advice as a judge I can give future contestants would be to follow the rules. Read them and read them again and follow them to a T. That will make you sure to shine. Also, nothing is ever out of reach, so never give up. Game on!

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