How Aggie Singh Cleared Acne in 8 Weeks


Megan had been struggling with persistent acne on her cheeks and jawline for over two years when she first visited aesthetician Aggie Singh. Nothing Megan had tried had provided lasting relief from her mild but persistent breakouts. Aggie sought to develop a comprehensive 8-week protocol utilizing both in-office treatments and at-home care to finally clear Megan’s acne.

In the first week, Aggie performed Megan’s initial facial using Inner Statics’ acne product range. The goal was to balance sebum production, reduce redness, and gently exfoliate using acids like salicylic, lactic and mandelic. Though Megan’s skin felt tight afterwards as expected, Aggie was optimistic about the regimen’s potential.

During week two, Megan reported her skin looking smoother and less inflamed between new breakouts. Aggie continued the chemical peel and added microneedling mesotherapy with anti-inflammatory ingredients like zinc and niacinamide. A hypochlorous acid spray was also incorporated into Megan’s at-home routine to further reduce inflammation. These targeted approaches started showing early positive effects.

As hydration levels improved by week three, Aggie transitioned to gentler exfoliation and extractions to remove blackheads and whiteheads. Mesotherapy and blue light therapy targeted remaining lesions and bacteria. Megan adopted healthier habits like increased water intake and changing her high sugar breakfast.

At the halfway point in week five, Megan saw great texture changes with fewer pores and no new breakouts. Consistent mesotherapy protocols and diligent adherence to prescribed routines were paying off. Megan was also making beneficial diet tweaks like replacing gluten-free bread with sourdough.

Later sessions incorporated innovations like medical-grade peels and gold-infused serums to speed rejuvenation. By week eight, Megan reflected on smoother, softer skin with fewer inflamed breakouts recovering more quickly. Critical to success was regular use of the hypochlorous acid spray at home.

Through Aggie’s tailored, multifaceted approach and Megan’s commitment to lifestyle modifications, the once persistent acne was cleared within just two months. By balancing skin, reducing inflammation, eliminating breakouts and repairing damage, Aggie helped Megan achieve the long-lasting clear complexion she sought. This case demonstrates how consistent professional treatments combined with effective at-home regimens can successfully resolve even stubborn acne cases.

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