How Does Permanent Hair Reduction Work?

Permanent Hair Reduction

There are many ways to get rid of body hair and there are those of us who would want to either reduce how fast some of our body hair grows or even eliminate them all together. This is where permanent hair reduction comes in.

Permanent hair reduction uses various methods to ensure that the hair follicle gets weakened with each application making it more difficult for hair to grow and as such hair growth take longer with each treatment.

What is Hair Reduction?

Hair reduction refers to the methods that reduce the rate at which hair grows to full length which is about a month. Hair reduction methods can increase the time taken for body hair to reach full length.

Naturally, the go to method for hair removal is shaving for most people but as we all know, shaving doesn’t pull our hair from the root and as such is not the most effective method for hair removal.

Hair Removal Methods

Hair removal is defined as the removal of unwanted facial and body hair from the hair follicle and usually leads to a reduction in the rate of hair growth.

Some of the popular methods of Hair removal include the following:

  • Epilation
  • Waxing
  • Sugaring
  • Laser
  • Electrolysis

We talked about Laser hair removal in this post.

Of all the methods listed, Laser and Electrolysis give the best results but can be pricey. They not only do a great job at removing your hair from the root but they also reduce the rate of hair growth.

How to upgrade Waxing and Sugaring

Waxing and sugaring are both popular methods for hair removal because they produce a decent result and are affordable for most people and it’s also easy to upgrade results of waxing and sugaring to the level of Laser and electrolysis at a small fee.

Epilfree is the effortless way for upgrading your sugaring and waxing treatments from basic to super cool that has made a lot of Estheticians the talk of the town.

Epilfree was developed by Dr Yoel Konis while he was researching for ingredients that would help induce skin healing. The results from using Epilfree are comparable to waxing without the high cost or any of the possible disadvantages or conditions.

The formulation for Epilfree is 100% natural and this makes it suitable for all hair types and offers no risk of skin damage. Epilfree works by inhibiting hair growth and is not a method for hair removal. It is solely a permanent hair reduction treatment method.

Below is a video of how Epilfree works for permanent hair reduction

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