How to do Mask-Friendly Makeup

Mask-Friendly Makeup

Have you been having issues with wearing makeup while using a face mask? Does your makeup always get transferred to your mask whenever you wear it? In this post, we will go through some tips that should help you do mask-friendly makeup.

In this age of the new normal, we will put you through how to slay with a mask on and off without leaving any residue on your mask, nor having lines or marks on your face. Fair warning though, if your mask is tight it will most definitely leave a mark.

Let us get to it. Ensure that your face is moisturized. A hydrated and moisturized skin is healthy skin. When you are done moisturizing your face, apply powder on your face before the primer technique.

Applying the setting powder before using the primer technique helps keep everything matte. We recommend using an oil-control setting powder.

Push the primer into your skin right over the oil-control setting powder. You will notice your skin starting to feel smoother when the primer has been applied.

Next up is to apply the concealer. You don’t want to use anything super bright or superheavy, since you are going to be wearing a mask. You can also use a light shade of concealer on the first concealer that was applied. If you have spots on your face, you can dab spot concealers on the spots. then press in with a brush. Ensure that you blend in all the concealers with a brush.

The next thing you want to do is use your brightening powder, setting that right underneath your eyes. This helps those with dark circles around their eyes.

The most visible parts of your face are from your nose upward, so you want those areas to be on fleek. You want areas below your nose to be breathable, you do not want to break out, because, that is where you sweat the most, plus you will have a mask over that area. You also want to make sure that when you take off the mask you still look glam.

You should now use your face powder foundation on the entire face. Ensure you are using a breathable powder. If you love using blush, now is the time to apply it to your face. The blush should be applied on the sides of the cheeks, not on the apple of the cheeks.

Next is to work on your eyes, as those will be about the most visible features on your face. Prime your eyes with the primer, use, eyeliners, attach lashes. Just make sure those eyes pop. However, do not overdo the applications so you do not look like a mannequin from a Chinese movie.

After all the makeup has been applied, you finish up by using a mattifying continuous mist. Allow the mist to dry on your face, you can use a fan to hasten the drying process. You can wear your mask now.

The mattifying continuous mist is the magic effect. Try our process and give us feedback on your experience trying our process.

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